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DoP 2016
DoP 2016

DoP 2011 - Countdown

Gentleman, start your engines please! In a few hours, we would like to see one of the best competitions this year. The DOP 2011 Double Tour starts. The Qualify shows us many competitive teams. From the defending Champion 'Hillen' and 'Born', nowadays racing for the 'evo racing' Team. These two guys are the favorites and actually owner of the pole in the GTR-Class. GTS Motorsport behind is much more improved than last year, with three more drivers, but even with more skills?

'Xcite - Magical DoReMi Revolution' the defending Champion and even the owner of the pole for the upcoming race, too! But the gap is close. ''Silver Ayer' a mixed team with drivers from Xcite (internal Xcite-battle?), from F1RST and Inferno are sill awaiting their own victory in this class. Heroes of Racing in the NGTR-Class, is one of the most named secrets for the title this year.

Rush hour in the LRF Class. We count four teams in this class and 'Golden Ayer' is in front with an incredible fast crew. Drivers from '!ce wolves', 'Inferno' and 'F!RST' are here still the favorites. 'Concept Racing' is behind, known as one of the best skilled in the szene. Last but not least 'evo racing' again and one of the home teams, BurnoutCrew LX6.

Many thanks to all teams and drivers, who signed in. All are favorites if all being well, so ...
Keep Racing!

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