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Posted by Victor

Hotlaps re-checked & now only 0.6B accepted

It's been a little over a week now since the new patch 0.6B was released. We have re-checked all 55000 hotlaps with this new version, because it contains better collision detection. So many South City hotlaps have been deleted now, due to wall-hits.
Around 2000 hotlaps have been removed. Not just because of wall-hits, but pit-stops during hotlaps are no longer allowed either. And some replays went OOS in the new version.

We have decided to only start accepting hotlaps driven with version 0.6B now, because of these differences. So if you still have LFS version z28 or older and you are using that for hotlapping, then please be aware that you can no longer upload these hotlaps here at LFS World.

Good luck hotlapping!