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In the final hours of Monday - how could it differ to past seasons - the action heated up and ignited the fire of CityLiga 15 right away. After 1.253 Grid Qualifying laps, the field of currently 84 competitors spreads over 3 Grids of 27 drivers and a very small wait list. (for detailed information watch the graphic).
The field itself is extremely dense, as the fastest 28 drivers are within 1 second, the following 28 drivers in a further second and hardly anyone is not within 5 seconds of the top drivers.

The combinations play its role for sure with a very short one and a well-known one, but also the quality of the field impresses. Later more about that and only telling you so much: The entry list features some (believed as "inactive") veterans, but also many new faces between 16 and 64 years of age, under which there are not only Germans, but also, for example, Austrians (8), Polish (5), Latvian (4), Estonian, Finish and Italian (each 2) moreover one each from Bosnia-Herzigovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Lithuania, Norway and Turkey.
Teamwise not much happend on the first sight, as Heroes of Racing have six representatives and BurnoutCrew five, however the (from CL perspective) unknown Croatian Racing Team also entered 5 drivers, one more then eXtrem Racing, Playerzone and Racing Team Styria Wien, while 12 competitors are totally unbonded.

The results can be found behind the following link.

Last but not least some additional information.
The decision over the track and the format for the fourth Round using the LX6 is not yet and drivers can still vote for it.
Drivers can also vote for race stewards until Febuary 5th.
CityLiga searches for (German) writer.
And from now on drivers can enter their "teams" into the team competition.

All information about those information and many more can be found on CityLiga's own forum under

Article by Jogy
translatio by Falke