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All-wheel-drive Winter Series
All-wheel-drive Winter Series

Reno takes 2nd win to close up to 1 point in series' standings

Round 4 of All-wheel-drive Winter Series was the second rallycross round - we visited Fern Bay rallycross 2 kilometers long configuration to race with RB4 GT. 15 drivers came for qualifying,7 of them - made a debuth in AWS,unfortunately one of them left the server before the race. Reno took his 3rd pole position with a laptime of 1:10.90,which is just 0.31 seconds behind current world best effort,series debutant Master #21 set 2nd best laptime also within 1 second of WR to take other front row position.

Luckily race started without any serious crashes,just usual rallycross stuff - little bumps here and there,and the top 4 drivers in front settled in for same positions they qualified for. The field behing had different plans,as they shuffled positions quite often.

After some close chasing of the leader,2nd place driver Master #21 overheated the tyres and started to lose pace and soon had to give up his position to his team mate Fuller and later to zz of STO too. Meanwhile our leader started to pick up his pace slightly and pulled away from rest on way to his victory. Later in race zz closed up to Fuller for 2nd place,the latter was worried about his connection quality (which showed some issues in practice),and let zz pass without fight avoiding any possible lag related problems.

After 39 minutes of intence racing Reno crossed the finish line to take his 2nd win in series (both in rallycross rounds),beating runner up and series debutant zz by almost 40 seconds. Fuller kept his 3rd place finish to get his 3rd podium finish in series in front of his team mate Master #21,who was the last driver on the lead lap.

After half season Reno now trails by just 1 point in Drivers Championship standings from remaining leader Fade,who struggled this race and finished just 6th,3rd in standings still is league host Rony,but just 2 points ahead of his compatriot Fuller. In RB4 Master standings Reno takes big 9 point lead over Fade and now needs just a top 5 finish in last RB4 round at Aston Club Cross to secure this title. In Cross Challenge Reno has even bigger lead after sweeping cleanely all available points in first 2 rounds - 12 points over closest rival Fuller.
In Teams Championship spdoRacing increases it's lead over the rest to 33 points (30 is maximum possible for team in 1 round),while 2nd place in standings now is taken by Master Team Drivers Zero X-treme,who organized 6 of their drivers for this round,hosting team TheReality Racing Team drops back to 3rd. But in Nations Cup hosting nation Latvia picks still up most points in round and continues to increase it's lead,which is now 24 points over Finland,3rd is re-taken by another northern country Estonia.

Round 3 official results / Series standings

Aston Grand Prix is next on series calendar after 2 weeks break - 5th round will be driven with the faster AWD car - FXO GTR,followed after one week by final RB4 GT round of Aston Club Cross - both round will be the final chance to pick up points and qualify for seasons final 2 rounds,as only drivers who scored at least 1 point in first 6 rounds in series will be eligible for the last 2 rounds - the cruel 100 lap race "Super X 100" at Fern Bay RallyX Green and the fastest round - Winter 200 in Kyoto Oval,both driven with FXO GTR! If you're interested,don't miss the chance and sign-up!