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Posted by TFalke55

CL15 favorite check

If there is one thing to start bragging in CL15, it definatly will be the fact that we have the highest perforamance density in the history of the CityLiga. So many strong drivers do CityLiga the honor that it looks very promising for the season.

The international drivers play a big role. Many came and especially many well-known. CL invited for the first time drivers from the international scene, an experiment, that seems to be succesful. But also many prominent German names are on the list, some of them in their premier season. All in all a nice mix of CL veterans, international and national top drivers and newcomers.

This mixture, however, makes the favourite check more difficult, so one may forgive the author, if the list is too German, as he knows the potential of the German drivers better then the potential of the international. Another factor is the motivation and the training. If all drivers use their full potential and train propperly, the list could look differently. Anyways, now to this little rating, who plays a role for the CityLiga 15 title.

***** 69- P. Kubinji

Patrick is a two-time CityLiga champion, an internationally acknowledged driver and in regards of the starting field he will be interessted in showing, that anyone need to beat him first, before taking a look on the title. He has a phenomenal speed and is strong in every car, although the schedule might not fit him.

**** 6- 3id N.Djakovic; 4- RAPTOR Paddi

Niki is one of the best league drivers in LfS. In many races and leagues, he showed that he likes to win. He dominated the MoE 24h with his team in January. If Niki takes CityLiga serious, he is a hot aspirant for the title.

Paddi's first appearance was in CityLiga 8, where he already could present himself in a good light. After some less impressive appearances, he was back for good last season. It was only a third place in the final championship ranking, but what he showed looked like more is possible. If he improves his consistency, he may hope to finish on the top spot.

*** 14- M.Naselli; 85- HoR Schuhti; 26- Cq ziomm

On the one hand Maurizio is extremly fast and he always has fast laps. On the other hand he already showed his ability to go over the long distances. If he keeps his speed over the complete season, he can be good for the one or the other victory, maybe more.

For those who are interested they should take a look at Schuhti's current signature (the picture to your left). It explains his consistancy and his speed. Schuhti deserves to finish this season on the top of the podium, but the field is stronger then in past seasons.

Ziomm raced in Grid 2 last season, because he signed up late, but because of what he showed there and outside of CL, he does not have to fear anyone on Grid 1. He will prove himself as very strong driver.

** 40- D.Potthoff; 92- RAPTOR M.Severin; 20- Markus Grunzelmann; 7- RAPTOR S.Vollak

Daniel holds 23 worldrecords, so we do not have to discuss his speed. But will he be cool enough in the races? Can he play out everything he has in his hands? He already showed some good results, but he never achieved something big. And this time?

Max is an experienced and strong go-kart driver, so he has a lot of racing experience. His nativ speed is also great. However he was inactive lately. If he shows his performance from ESL a few years back, he will be one of the front runners.

Together with zockmachine, Markus Grunzelmann was part of a feared endurance racing duo at #low. His biggest success in Live for Speed was also during that time, when he won the Intel Racing Tour. It was silent around him for quiet some time, so it is pretty nice that he found his way back infront of a steering wheel.

Last season already, Basti crawled out of the darkness and showed in the races he competed in that he still can drive. Now the his house is finished and he will hopefully be able to compete the whole season. Basti is a true rallye driver and in his Youtube-Channel you can watch him at work.

* 5- [CROtm] qeD; 71- PLZ- MaxNorris; 16- A.Pavars; 91- MTDZX Master #11; 46- !ce splattael

The internationalization brought many new teams and drivers to CityLiga. Especially Team CRO™ left their mark already. It is very difficult tell at what level the team will race. Their best driver is called qeD and already posted some impressive laptimes. Subject to be prooved in CL...

After two rather average CL seasons Malcomax returns. In other leagues, especially in Italian ones, the man from Sicily showed a stronger performance.

A. Pavars made his debut last season and directly impressed. He is a man for RWD road cars, as his succesful racing series proves and as he proved in CL. For a very good overall result, this might not be enough.

MTDZX Master #11 has a rather special background, as he is part of a LFS stunt team. This does not mean, that he is slow in the common races. He definately will have to learn in his first true league season, but the one or the other good result might be possible.

What would be a CL favorite check without Peter? Nothing. He disproved the autor last season and showed that you can achieve good results without training. Victories are not to be expected, but at the end of the season one can see that he made the Top 10 once more.

It should be highlighted once more that this list is purely from a subjective point of view and that it is based on the incomplete information and the private opinion of the author. Should anyone feel, he should have been respected in this list, please forgive him and prove by a great season, that he is clueless.

article by Ethi
translation by [i]Falke[i]