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I have seen him rarely on LFS
You can find him on s2 server quite often.
Should change his avatar.
Has the creepiest rage face ever in his avatar and still complains about other people's avatars.
Hasn't changed his avatar since the Scirocco awareness month, which was last December!!!
Has a good PP ration out of the total qualifies he has done online.
Was here a long time ago before my arrival.
Came after me on LFS Forums
his english needs some work
His english needs some work too
Accidently makes cool stunts and saves replays of it and has a self claimed best stunt team.
Is from a place that hosts a large music festival (or did).

@Finlanders above - It's English, with a capital E.
Sorry, but It's actually Finnish or Finland, not Finlanders, ye Englishman
Thinks people still say "ye" in England
I would like to know the name of the girl in his avatar.
Has (at least 1) unread PM.
Quote from J@tko :Has (at least 1) unread PM.

thinks my is better than demi lovato (??)
Is he really Italian?
Thinks Rui is in a wrong team while he isn't.

(What I meant to say: Rui is in a good team)
Has a mistake in his signature. Just for the record, it's the sentence "Sorry for my bad english." Should be E with capital E.
Found a very stupid mistake made by me.

Well in Lithuania we write without the capital letter when talking about the language or people from that country (example: lietuvių kalba (not Lietuvių kalba)).
Still hasn't found his keyboard.
Probably enjoyes RBR in his spare time.
Is probably presenting Croatian community living in BiH, if I finally get it right.
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About people
(1357 posts, closed, started )