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Wrote identical post that I wanted to write...
Has an amusing avatar, refering to the multiclass server!
refers to multiclass server.

What do you mean by saying that?
"if u wanna fight, forget the army, come to cargame!"

This is the line I find amusing

And to my next line:
Sobis sounds like the ice cream type, Sorbis
Not too sure of his grasp of the English Language if he thinks Sorbis sounds like sorbet
He wrecked me on the NDR server when we were having fun with the FBM @ drag strip.
Probably deserved it

I don't remember this :P
Has a crap memory.

When we had FBM races on drag strip with some minifbm layouts. Crashed each other with BF1, etc. Good times.
Has a better memory than me.

Fair enough :P Was this recent?
Now he thinks I'm retarded.

Crap, it was JO53PHS, not you. I always mix up you two! Rhymes nicely too.
Is correct

EDIT: It's actually quite offensive to be compared to that tard :P
wants to hurt FZ50 GTR
Likes that damn FZR
Doesen't like the damn FZR
is watching kyoto 400 stream
Still plays LFS.
Is also watching Kyoto 400 livestream.
never races with me

Quote from -NightFly- :Still a noob.

pics or didn't happen!

i have a replay actually
For a long time I though he is Irish instead of Italian...
Won a race last year in the -TRR- Championship 2011.
Is online at a drift server
Is not online on a drift server
Quote from Tomhah :Is not online on a drift server

Should come to skype, right NOW!
Is some pretty damn fast racer over there!
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About people
(1357 posts, closed, started )