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Never answered to my pm
Feels now like forever alone

( Off Topic: I was going to answer, but I always forgot and I forgot it forever, sry )
Is in the 100 000+ km club! (online)
Posted over 9000 times.
Just crushed his scouter
has posted about 120 in one year on LFSF
Has loads of binds in LFS.
Made this thread :|
Is unknown to me lol
Does know him.
knows everything
recently has changed his avatar.

Anyway, back to keyboard search...
Still have not found his keyboard
Can't see what's in his avatar.
But can see that he is a white-ass.
Is a strange person
Is a strange person
Copyed my sentense
Make your own!
his idea got copied damn!
He reminds me this picture.
Posted the picture of the year
Is not Funny enough to make me LOL during my class of Philosophy
Has tits.
Still likes BMW cars.
Ummm... errrrr... i'm out of ideas... has no keyboard?
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About people
(1357 posts, closed, started )