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Is bad at maths
pacecar of realistic nascar
has nice titz on his avatar
Has a skyline in his name and a subaru as his avatar, I assume that he is confused.
Doesn't understand it's a Subaru with Nissan engine
his school does not decide to go on strike
Thinks at some point a person has fapped to his avatar.
Probablly has fapped to el pibe's avatar
Most likely has fapped to my avatar...

I know I havent. '' gf '' is there for that.
Is partly wrong.

Some teachers actually decided to go on strike few weeks ago IIRC.
dang it! he got me.

it is some teachers.. not the students like here... the funny thing is that the raise of the tuition does not affect us, college students..
has negative k/d ratio in battlefield
Does play Battlefield (3?).
Cant play battlefield because he has no keyboard
Does not PTFO


that was in BC2
Is familiar with FPS Game terms.
Was maybe inspired by a racing legend when chosing his nickname (?)
Is the craziest son of a gun I know on these forums
Thinks he is Bamby and Rambo in 1 package

Posted a picture
once overtook me driving backwards in a FZ5
Was humiliated by UM21.
Shouldn't be able to post since no keyboard was found.
Ninja'd me. Balls.
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About people
(1357 posts, closed, started )