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Is a wise old timer.
He never forgets 2.11.2007, aslo he used to tune those pixel car thingys pretty well.
Has more posts than me.

Is going to spam lfsforum
Feels sorry for the RAC.
States my feelings about RAC aswell.
The avatar of this person looks like my face when reading the RIP RAC replies

His anime manga japanese chincghong guy in his avatar looks evil and sad
Dunno why but the team name in his avatar makes me think about the fiskars scissors
Myffe is very active on the official Live For Speed IRC

Quote from Dennis93 :Myffe is very active on the official Live For Speed IRC


talks out of his arse
ive never seen him there
Is maybe right, maybe wrong. By the time we find out, within 1 min, I will be smoking some NLX.
posted a sentence in a form of link
Is sad about RAC died
is so unknown that I can't even tell what's on his avatar picture
Talks about unknown but no one knows what's his name or where he comes from.
i do

knows less than some
Makes EPIC music!
Won a race tonight I think
Is absolutely correct!
is so lurvely
makes epic music instead of epic logos
keeps annoying me about the logo i constantly forget to do
Designed a chair...?
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About people
(1357 posts, closed, started )