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Skyline with Impreza - perhaps schizo?
Is named kid, and former(?) Teammate of mine.
Was born in 1993.
I allways say Psycho, not Mysho when I see his lic. name...
Dunno why his avatar reminds me this

ps: don't take this as an insult !

@dennis: amazed? ashamed would suit better... it's just to tell some are still using some very old sh*t
Is incredibly amazed about his pc specs, so he had to share with everybody
Will get a lovely helmet in the future designed by LFSF user :P
To put it in a nice way, he's got some "punk energy" inside him
Quotes himself in signature.
Quotes other people in his sig.
Sings friday by rebecca black.
Is apparently the proud owner of a game called "C.A.R.S."
had bad luck at MoE
Needs a better CPU.
Needs to stop killing wolves for their bones.
Loves a certain brand of cars.
best guy on an awful team
Probably gets asked "Your last name is Cough?" often. Also pretty cool guy for A Merry Can.
Must blitz oral sex.
Thinks he's funny.
Has uber bratislava warrior internets.
Only visits Florida when he's absolutely sure I've left.
Moved out of Florida just so that he could miss Dennis' races :P
Guy who I had fun time whit those seahorses and that stuff long ago.
boothys favourite finn
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About people
(1357 posts, closed, started )