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Is a gummy-bear I'd like to eat :littleang
Gives me them creeps.:insane:
A good Kid.
Named himself after an annoying bug.
Has named himself after a song named after an annoying bug
Is from a country where shopping malls are scary and booze is cheap
Every time I read his nick I think about muffin.
Should join Fred Loves Pie team
Has been here since 2009 and doesn't have more than 400 posts yet
thinks post count whores are sexy...
Is very UN sexy by velociround standards then.
Appears to be a bunny.
is not a bunny
Hes nickname makes me think a 1800 century gentleman eating a strawberry pudding in a high class mansion
made nyan cat skin
Peachy glutes.
invited me to the ship but never plays it himself
Flies at night
VIKING! A big and scary one!
Is thinking that Kenneth OKeefe has a viking as a manager
speaks finnish
Might speak a bit of french.
might speak a bit of norwegian

Hi = hei
yes = ja
no = nei
Welcome = Velkommen
Now you do!
Has a boyfriend called Ken!
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About people
(1357 posts, closed, started )