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Is a man and a mustang, THE MUSTANGMAN
Deserves a facepalm :/
Is still using my old avatar.
Is threatening Cameron and whole RN team...
Started this thread.
Posted in this thread.
Stated the Obvious
Lives in an awesome country.
is a brazilian, whose first name is russian and last name is hungarian
is senna on drugs
is racing
is Canadian. must be good guy
got fooled by my flag.
is really french
Is just an Italian dude

actually, I'm from Argentina but I live in a Canadian igloo
Needs to change his avatar, nice though it is, it is no longer the festive period.
Is a cool guy for grandpa.
Once had a sexy avatar, and claims to be in Bosnia & Herzegovina
Has possibly never seen snow ?

Quote from N I K I :Is a cool guy for grandpa.

Is correct. Been to the States but always summer.
Would be awesome if he can speak with a Jamaican rasta voice.

Like this LOL Jamaican crab
Likes anime, according to his previous avatars.
Made me laugh, thanks to his link

EDIT: Posted before I did!
Owns a Citroen Saxo.

that vid did crack me up Chrisu. I could have a crack at it, just that itll sound a bit different, because thats defo not a jamaican saying that.
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About people
(1357 posts, closed, started )