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wants to ruin our fun
Points to a person who is trying to stop going offtopic by going offtopic.
Pointed out that a person went offtopic while trying to stop others going offtopic, the offtopic area of the Forums.
Had a valid post until I got distracted by his avatar.
must check my ass
he wants that Rappa Z will check his hairy ass
"40 years old and a virgin" ^
According to GT3 livestream, typical angry finlandian (sorry if I spelled this word not correctly).

E: Finnish, not finlandian, sorry...
spelled Finnish incorrectly
Corrected me. Thanks for that
Is younger than me
Is younger than me
is most likely older than me

OT: does anyone know what happend to my thread?
Should update his avatar taking the hands off
Should change avatar.
Is online at S2.
isnt online on S2
Veyron has more hp than him.
Made me giggle.
did not make me giggle
Has got some bewbs.
would love to visit his country
His location is computer software called Ventrilo
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About people
(1357 posts, closed, started )