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Should get S2.
Quote from TehPaws3D :Should get S2.

Quote :Write here 1 sentence about the poster above you.

Is member since Aug 2009.
Still dosnt have S2
Likes attention.
what he said
Is finding his feet in a top team.
Lives in Madeira (I think)
Is so unknown that he lives in default.
Also a foreigner living in Ireland, just like me.
His english S2-account name is: Character
Is from the country which makes some of the best metall in the world!
Is norwegian
Another Tor country man.
Is a genius :- )
Is Kenneth O'keefe addict.
Has recently hit the big 1000.
Talking about the weight of the girl he tap'd (in kg's).
Tor said something
Has a nick which reminds me of one of the legends.

At same time I wonder why all do call my by name and not nickname :scared:
His name starts on the awesome letter T.
Is probably named after Tom from Tom and Jerry.
Is contractually obligated to make fun of the Kings brothers.
nickname reminds me of one of my fav cars.
Friendly and nice person.
His dog is trying to sit on apple which has one piece missing.
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About people
(1357 posts, closed, started )