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it's all chinese to me..
'' He is really crazy ''

said the man.
went insane at some point, and is on my ignore list just for that avatar
Wonder where he got his idea for avatar from..was he high at that point?
wonder why he has an emo female clown in his picture
Posted the sanest reference to whatever that huehuahue shit was all about.
Doesn't know what the huehuahuehuehuahuahue shit was about.
Knows he's missing a laugh.
Didn't know that I was talking about Senninha's post, in which case I have 4 laughs too much
Has an "likeable" avatar.
Even if he is/was in the military, I wouldn't give a gun into his hands.
Confirms what everyone allready knows ^_^
But did I get a gun, WHOP! Two of them actually! ;D

(Best camuflag ever rofl)
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*Please note how none of the same persons apart from Tor is in the pictures *
Thinks Brazilian language should be teached to everyone
overtook me once in a race driving the FZ5 in reverse, and made me feel bad

wonht in Deutschland
Has an avatar that I instinctively take a glance at every single time he posts.
Wishes the girl in my avatar would just move a bit to her right
*could be usain bolt's 3rd cousin removed which would explain the speed in lfs
Is correct about my speed in LFS but incorrect about the cousin shizzle

met him once though
Wishes he was the "Usane Bolt" of autoracing nicer and makes more sense than the Nubsburies.
Is advertising Live For Slicks in his signature.

Quote from Cornys :Wishes he was the "Usane Bolt" of autoracing

LOL if races all races were 15 seconds max.
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About people
(1357 posts, closed, started )