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One of many russian punks at Latvia...
Quote from E.Reiljans :Prefers Microsoft hardware and software to one made by Apple.

Now you're just being downright libellous.
Everytime I see his name I think of sawdust

Quote from The Very End :

And, can someone explain to me what a toast guard is?
I have heared about toast master, hell, even heard about this one guy who enjoyed having toasts on his penis, but toast guard is completely uknown to me.

I think its just a play on his real name. Tommy Østgaard.

Well atleast I think so. I could be totally wrong
Lives in a piece of software.
Has a cool "talking style" at TS3 on server
Believes racers and drifters should not fight.
His location is on TeamSpeak, so he might talk everyday as a team. (lol)
Is totally correct. (always on TS, once I'm on my PC. wanna come chat?)
Asks me to having a chat in TeamSpeak 3!

Never thought he has to recover this thread by himself
Took him only a year to recover this thread.
He is wrong, because it did not took a one year, but 10 months
Has a bad swearword in his avatar!
Has a political incorrect golden robot in his avatar. Where others just display a steel one.
not a normal man according to signature
Can't buy a bloddy microphone.
My secret lover.
Drives a funky tank.
Has an ugly avatar
Is the most unknown person i have ever met.
Is the most F1 mainiactic person I know.
Kind of loves Fanatec. Kind of.
drives from rear view with wheel guy
I dont even know.
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About people
(1357 posts, closed, started )