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Believe he's had his seconds of fame
Huehuehueuheueheuehueheue br?
Should gibi moni plos or i report u
Parks rented Toyotas like a boss.
Got to tell the history he is refering to!

Dar u go
Know how to drive a car, but poster below thinks that is photoshoped or a other person
People believe themselves.
Has cursewords on his avatar, but not everyone knows that.
Wishes he was Russian
Doesn't knows difference between country of birth, country of residence and nationality
Is wrong
pink thong, flashy nails, bracelets...... GAAAAAAAAAY
dosnt know the meaning of gay

(Girl in red thong, nice nails, and a decent bracelet is gay, woah)
Raced with me sometimes with epic racing action, especially on MRT Autocross
Is pretty good on reverse racing, had some nice races with him.
agrees with him on both statements
Is a cool guy.
Toast guard
Not a toast guard.
Poster below wonders where the "25" in the user's name comes from (the reson for it).

And, can someone explain to me what a toast guard is?
I have heared about toast master, hell, even heard about this one guy who enjoyed having toasts on his penis, but toast guard is completely uknown to me.
Is cute.
Prefers Microsoft hardware and software to one made by Apple.
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About people
(1357 posts, closed, started )