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About people
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Is a majoor unknown to some people.
Obsessed with a dog picture.
motiehdfsgyukgfysdkua **** dis, can't prenounche
Disrespects his real name
Probably one of the few who would try to pronaunce my full name
the one who helps me communicate with all the other lithuanians
Can't pronounce Multijuice.
Drives a nice car
has crooked nose :P
Has a DJ Pony avatar.
Is in love with S.E.T.H.
is in love with bieber
posts too much in this thread
Appears that he lives in the same village as my grandparents
types while racing
lives in his motherboard..
Has an inferno in his head.
Can't spell maniac properly
Probably loves hotdogs.
Drives quality soviet vehicles.
some say he is still lost in space
Literally is the last person to post in this thread every 2 hours.
His signature tells to wait for it
His signature contains force mode quotes.
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About people
(1357 posts, closed, started )