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About people
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Is talking about wrong person
When i see his nick, i always think he's from Brasil.
Has weird LFS car preferences.
Me gusta
Just doubled his post count with the post above.
(rediske) DELETED by rediske : too slow...
Is Mr. Bean Junior.
is the last member of Inferno
Is more or less right.
actually isnt, and should contact mustang soon as he is active inferno member also
apparently located in two places at once
'as rolled.
im still wondering why he spends his time on a team that he is clearly too sane and intelligent for
wondering how he came up with his name?
Has probably accepted the fact, that every post below him in this thread will be something about Rastafaris and/or Ganja.
Is a worm (use google translate: Kirmelė).
His nickname is impossible to make fun of . Also, no keyboard!
His car is still crashed
THIS is the guy who can drive a FZ5 on reverse faster than me driving it with the forward gears. sucks to be you ray. hehe.
cant drive fz5
Just broke AS5 XRR WR.
has not broken the XRR AS5 WR
Has less posts than me, even tho I joined 2 years later.
(Speed Senna) DELETED by Speed Senna : sry, I broke the rule number 1. :(
Posts more than people who have working keyboards
Because of the stupid Grammar Agreement, the Portuguese I speak is 99.9% identical as his.
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About people
(1357 posts, closed, started )