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Is partly right about the alcohol thingy.
And also has surprised me, I did not know he lived in finland.
He has most posts in this thread so far...
Has or (had) an epic Honda Civic
I call him Kazza.
Drives the best car in the world.
Has a fetish for old men with long brown gizmos in their mouths.
Has no rights on LFSF
Doesen't race.
wants people to design helmets for a bargain.
loves Pie.
Missed out on an opportunity to own Spazz for rolling again.
has weird email address
Points obvious, in a cool way though.
Is in the same team as somebody who's brother likes red and has an easy to insult name.
Is easy to insult.
Too dumb to realize I just stole the wheels off his XRT.
Needs to get a life and stop posting stupid childish crap on the forums before Flame CZE takes a tire iron to his @ss.
Needs to stop double posting.
Needs to stop making his fellow racer feel bad.
It could lead to him killing himself.
needs some common sense.
Needs to come on TS3 more often.
Needs to know we only get one Scirocco, if any.
Believes Scirocco as much as possible
Is better at rolling and spinning his car than racing it
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About people
(1357 posts, closed, started )