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He's fat. And he's rolled.
Has given me an infraction when I had a bad day.
(hyntty) DELETED by hyntty : fuck dat
Has posted in this thread too much.
is the guy! (eventhough not sure bout it ) =)
Lives below Triglav! (looks nice from up there)
Is a man.
Used to be in the position that I am now.

(Lemme set one thing straight, though, there is more decent material in LLM than just me. Sobis, imudilaskyline and xfirestorm are worth keeping a lookout for, they're just being overshadowed by the attention from the usual suspects )
Makes good articles for LLM
Still waits for S3 :hide:
Has a cool avatar.
is god damn fast
thinks posting a compliment will get him laid.
Quote from USRacer :thinks posting a compliment will get him laid.

Has yet to realize that thought differs from reality.
Thinks that oval is the most complex shape for a racing track.
Has an odd fetish for penetrating cars, using his the point on top of his head.
Apparently hes a nob
Has a MSN address
Is a lurker
Is the coolest guy in Denmark
Is the sexiest Norweigan called Tommy <3
Has a mancrush on Tomhah.
Makes false accusing...
Hot girls in your country makes up for it..
Scirocco is only FWD he would afford
Another false accusement.. I would never buy a fwd over a rwd.
Is lying
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About people
(1357 posts, closed, started )