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mario has an ugly kart, ......or lawnmower
whagwarn mi brethren, big tings pon da place?
Naw mi don, ah no so yuh fi seh it

on topic: has a bald avatar
all he said was chinese to me.
Was a lifesaver for the 2012 MoE 24 hour race.
Broadcasted the whole 24 hours of the MoE 24 hour race.
Helped me to practise for MoE, but still...
Is SC driver for Realistic Nascar

Quote from JO53PHS :Is annoyed by the 1.5 length steps at Bristol University.

trollface + demi lovato+ VWS= weird avatar
Should post more in Jamaican.:color:
Has epic sig
metro maniac
Thought his team name was a complete joke the first time I saw it. (I loled actually)
From'a da Marleyland!
is bad at battlefield
Just edited his post. Jamie, I'm so going to kill you for starting this "mexican" thing .
Posted using a ""
Is one of the greatest league organizators. The best imo
Has done the same as me to get good scores at the hotlapping, doing mainly the KY1 track
he mad
Is running outside naked and watering flowers at the moment.
how the **** did he know.
At least his country produces great metall!

Btw, not mad one bit, just fun to see others using the same strategy as me
Loves only beer and metal
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About people
(1357 posts, closed, started )