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has posted 805 times... which was an answer in my maths lesson today.
Thinks i'm useful
his number of choice is the same as mine. #25!
Gave me another opportunity to say something about him.
Loves (as in writer, I-DO) that sarcastic humor this person usually provides when he is in the right mood
Still didn't get his rallypack.

(couldn't let this chance go :razz
Agree's with above

Is still mad at Eric
Is a guy who's never talked to me
Is a guy who talked to me once (but can not remember what it was)
Is a stunt god who once raced against me when lfs finland was still up ;_;
Quote from UnknownMaster21 :Is a guy who talked to me once (but can not remember what it was)

He was paying 10 $ for a good SO5 FZ50 GT3 set. Denied our offer
is one of the millions of finns that race here.
is one of the few portoguese (wat) who are good in LFS
Cannot spell "portugese".probably
Still missed a letter in "portuguese".
Cannot correctly capitalise Portuguese.
Just gave the Portuguese guy a grammar lesson.
Is not real Portuguese now.
Isn't actually a kid.
Likes child porn
Is a Mario Kart DS player.
Is a fellow countryman, has sexy Subaru avatar and Senna's quote in signature.
lives somewhere near me
with a creepy smile
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About people
(1357 posts, closed, started )