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His team is recruiting
Has weather as bad as mine.
Is american and doesn't know the meaning of '' Ecology ''
posted 8 mins before me
Don't know the difference between CLKs and SLKs.
Is in SR
Forgot GT3 cup Quali was on last satuday and joined mid-session after noticing it's on through FB.
He is proud owner of many sims...
So he is probably Richard Branson of the sim racing world...
I dislike the first 5 characters of his username.
Usually fun member on the forum, and very active: I see his posts almost everywhere I go to.
Is using ENB series addon in his LFS.
is in eNETiS and Team Inferno :-)
Was in LRT, CoRe, SRLT, F1RST, ineX, SR, and now is KoK's manager.
#340 - CSF
Is a fat American
Is a fat Scot
has avatar that makes children cry
Has no avatar.
Has censored avatar.

*prepares for another avatar post*
The prediction in his sig was actually true, iirc.
has driven about x3.5 as many laps as me
Is German
Is good at stating obvious.
Is not stating the obvious because he is not obvious so obvious is nothing as obvious as obvious.

(no, it doesnt make sence)
Is a citizen of TrollLand
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About people
(1357 posts, closed, started )