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About people
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Is still unknown!

desperate for attention (see: this thread and the 58 posts made in it)
Has been on a mean streak lately.
doesn't know me : D

and is an even bigger attention whore \o/
Annoys people away from IRC
goddamnit 3j

its not funny anymore :<
I miss annoying Jasse
Is trollin'!
the thread says to describe people
not make shit up about them
Makes good music.
Quote from Fuse5 :I miss annoying Jasse

So that's why he disappeared.
yeah ask for the story in irc, apparently everyone blames me for his slightly psychotic/maniacal-depressive demeanor&actions ^^
Posts on this thread every two posts.
States the obvious.
is from the rare species of Inferno drivers who are active in the forums.
knows the art of potato drafting
Is someone, from other country.
is soon on club of 3000 (3000 LFS Forum posts)
Should be sleeping atm
Has one of my favourite memes as avatar.
Is online racing on a server at 1:12am in my timezone.
Lives in capital town of Slovakia
doesn't know his master
He's ruined my life..
he's a spoilt brat
He's mad bro..
Derv94 and jordyb:

Quote from Sobis :Rules:
1. No offencive languague/sentences.

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About people
(1357 posts, closed, started )