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About people
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knows the rules of the game
also knows the rules of the game

EDIT: **** i lost...
Is behind in terms of avatar of the month updates.
Should reach post no. 2000 in this thread.
I challenge the person above to do the same
has 10000 more posts than myself
Has made himself a cool DIY-H-Shifter
a well-known part of Master Team Drivers Zero-Xtreme Live For Speed Racing Team.
Knows how to fully and correctly spell MDZZXSXL (Thank you, Danas ) team's name
Didnt spell it right.
Did not use ' in "didn't"
Did spell it right.
Has the best avatar of lfsf
Member of rForce Racing Team.
Is one of Captain Obvious's subordinates
Thinks his english is bad.
probably smokes a lot of blunts.
Lives north of me.
Every drivers in his avatar end a race with brain stuck on left side.
F'n ninja'd me.
Ninja's every1 while ninja him
Speaks gibberish.
Is here shorter than me, yet has a lot more posts.
Thought this thread is finally over, but it is not
Bumped this thread.
This thread is closed

About people
(1357 posts, closed, started )