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Pointed the obvious
Loves this thread!
He lives at a great place.

Also, how interesing answers, they're the same each page... Should do 1 post/user in this thread maybe?
Is named after a computer game, starring a spitting monkey.
Makes/made cool skins
Is one of the many people on racing forum boards with the classic "F1" on their nickname.
Has made most posts in this topic so far(39)
used to say '' VTAK JUST KICKED IN YO! '' when he overtook someone during a race.
has a hot girl in the avatar
has still 2 pornstars on his avatar
Puts Apple in its place.
Is so fat that his extra weight made a puncture in Dennis's camaro.

(ot wich pornstars are they? names? pm me.)
dreams of boobs for himself apparently D:
Makes relaxing music

That Camaro was fat enough you Canadian!
His Racername is on WW as World War
Is a cheater, uses the force mode!
Doesn't know how to use the force
Uses force mode too.
Was used as a "brother" for a Demo Racer's excuse to use S2 content (It was a long time ago but I still remember it!)
Is a good guy because he does not feed the troll!
Doesn't believe in Scirocco
There is still salvation for this one
Like me, still waiting for the rally pack.
Is poking a lion with a stick. Watch out!
The lion he was talking about ate his hand. Might be still alive, though. :bananalla
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About people
(1357 posts, closed, started )