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lying on forum all day
(KiRmelius) DELETED by KiRmelius : Ninja'd by a spamming troll-wannabe
Believes he will get free S2 if he makes his postcount 1000 by the end of the month.
Quote from matijapkc :Believes he will get free S2 if he makes his postcount 1000 by the end of the month.

actually "the guy" agrred to extent it to end of next month
His location is America, so he must have a big, very big home :-)
His location is default, so he lives in C:/Program Files(x86).
Thinks he said a good one, which turns soon that he really said a good one (I actually rofled, think about it)
Laughed at a computer joke.
Quote from Senninha25 :Laughed at a computer joke.

Probably didn't notice the forward slash in the joke should have been a back slash.

And will probably file my comment in /dev/null/
Whatever computer expert smart stuff he said.
Didn't understand what hyntty said, just like me...
spends all day long explaining to people that cars are money pits...

Happily takes you're money.
Said something I didn't understand

What do you mean?
Has sexing industrial machines in his DP.
Has some weird freak grinning in his avatar
Danish, like me
Danish, unlike me
From Baltic states, like me :P
Isn't surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, unlike me.
His country will host next event of my favorite racing series - WTCC.
Had a hint at the country that will see Vaillante race with Michel Vaillant in WTCC (or so I heard)
Likes F1 cars as on avatar
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About people
(1357 posts, closed, started )