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Listened to some of his tracks on Soundcloud. Did enjoy some of them even though not my genre of music
Eats mangoes
Is very wrong
Smokes pot(?)
Has a good youtube channel
Has 2 wins :-)
Has too many wins + podiums
owns an S2 license
Has an avatar worthy of fap'ing to
The most hilarious chap on this forum.
Still a BMW fan, I see.
Is a cool guy
the one and only tomato toastguard!
His nick reminds me of Chip Foose.
Is actually my slovakian brother.
Removed me from his brothers list a good while ago.
Edit: has remembered me of what this was about
Everything went'ed better from endurance.
played TF2 before it was cool
Has the funniest guy from Friends Tv Series, in his avatar
Is also a Friends fan.
Is annoyed by the 1.5 length steps at Bristol University.
Is calmly waiting while most of the people in the community are raging.
Is a Dutch!
Santa has a sexy wife. or bitch
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About people
(1357 posts, closed, started )