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probably has a russian accent
is SOOOO wrong
has a MIKA Helmet, so he must be somewhat fanboy, or truly respective spectator
Luke, I am your driver!
is Brazilian
He could answer it right!
Metal might be his favorite music style as he is from Finland.
he is partially right and wrong (I listen almost any genre)
misses the point of this very useless, retarded topic

edit: wrong post anyways, meant for post that is posted earlier, but IDFC, i think this topic should be deleted for spam anyways.
doesnt give a ****
b1kzit pls
^^epic finnish accent
havnt spoke with him in a while.
da star be a badman seen he be a real bwaboy bomboclat seen?
He tap draiv de faas.

Bought me ice cream at Sebring.
Is too fast for me
Everyone is too fast for him.

Quote from PMD9409 :Bought me ice cream at Sebring.

You are welcome baby <3
Thanks for the late night call
Never bought me any ice cream
Should be banned from doing position checks during races.

Should remove the girl from his avatar and leave the car with the troll face
is gay
Will have some fights with N I K I
Uhm .... Uh.... He is unknown to me
Doesn't know that UnknownMaster21 is Hermanni Peura, what a shame to not know the stuntmaster...
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About people
(1357 posts, closed, started )