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Yeah, I get more miles out of a tank than on 'regular' unleaded to the point where my cost/mile is actually slightly lower. And it gives me more power through additional detergent action AND you can put it in a racing car and be detonation free at all times without bothering with octane booster - win win
Quote from Mike Bingo :Sod it I'm, who do I make payment to I can only do paypal at the minute mind

I'll PM you (and everyone else) the relevant details once there are enough people to make a booking. With you, that brings us to 4 people short.
I heard V-Power is much better for miles too...

Motoring cost the same for everyone, but when you first start you have a lot more to pay for. Example using averages...

Lessons - £500
First Car - £500
Making Car Roadworthy - £300
MOT - £50
Tax - £100
Insurance - £1500
Full Tank Of Fuel - £50

Total - £3000.

The thrill of driving - Priceless.

Three grand is hard to come by when you only earn about £1000 (give or take) a month. Thus, you have to borrow money, then you spend ages paying it back.
I will try to make it, but put me down as an unsure for now, once I get a job/apprenticeship and know my working hours/days I will be able to confirm + deposit.

Everyone should have just got the same PM from me explaining the situation.

This event is on the brink of being cancelled due to lack of people willing to pay the deposit necessary to book the event.

The deposit is £30.85

In addition, the start date has also been pushed back an hour to 2pm, due to an earlier booking that day.
Just got your PM bob. Im afraid im going to have to pull out. All my money is going on both my cars, and towards racing so with the deposit having to be in so soon, i just dont have the spare cash.

Sorry guys.

In response to your PM, I can't make it. I know I won't be in the UK at that time.

Have fun guys.
Damn this is looking bad. With Nathan pulling out, now mrbogeyman. The list is getting shorter and shorter. Ill try as hard as i can to get the money but as said, I cant promise anything....
hi bob,
i am able to come, and i shall send the deposit as soon as possible, what is the adress i should send it to? and what is the name of the company to make the £30.85 payable?

I was always just a possible anyway. I was never listed as a certainty.
I'm deffinately in so long as I can pay it next week.

My finances don't permit until next week.
Well despite the PMs, we're still at 13 people. Not sure what else to say at this point.
*sigh* R.I.P LFS Meet?
If it would help I could pay the full amount Bob, I had a lucky win on the footy this weekend and it would have just gone on booze instead of something useful.

I would be disappointed if the meet fails, as I have been handed over a month worth of house chores by the boss to get away for a weekend.
No, paying full up front doesn't really help, as if the numbers don't increase, you'll have to pay double, if we don't cancel. Deposits are not refundable either.
No LFS meet? too bad....

I hope next year.

Bob tell everyone that Scawen will be there..
I will be really disapointed if this does not go ahead, I really thought that the size of the community would ensure that there were enough people wanting to come along to this. Come on the chance to meet Bob/Ben, Ben/Bob Smith in the flesh and to potentially have the possibility to say that you whooped him at karting 'be an LFS legend.....'

Also, even if this does not go ahead as planned I will be going carting and staying in Newcastle that weekend, family in tow for spectator morale support and to keep me inline.

I have taken the time to convince my wife of this so I'm going anyway
Quote from AlienT. :

I have taken the time to convince my wife of this so I'm going anyway


So has the credit crunch hit the forum? Come on everyone, if your cards are maxed out, you might as well go down in style! Now is not the time to be saving... Burn, baby, burn!!
I really can't believe that so many people are unable/unwilling to cough up a deposit and commit to going. I can't commit for health reasons (namely that I damaged my knee cartilage in the gym and don't yet know when or how it's going to be fixed) - so I guess kettles shouldn't meet pots - but c'mon guys it's not that expensive or time consuming. £60 karting + petrol + a shared room of some sort + beer money = bargain weekend away.
As much as I intend to be there i'm on statutory sick pay at the moment. I will be financially OK by the time of the event but SSP only just covers rent and bills so I ent in a position to pay deposit atm. :/
Quote from STROBE : £60 karting + petrol + a shared room of some sort + beer money = bargain weekend away.

After a weekend celebrating my B'day, I is in no postion to drink for another year. :vomit::vomit::vomit:
as I've said already, running a car on min-wage, eats up my money... As I'm down as a spectator anyway I guess it doesn't matter... If I had the money I would donate the right amount to get this thing booked.
Well me & Kayjay can confirm and pay the deposit so will this be enough or do you still need more Bob? I am sure I can persuade [SR] Mark to go aswell and maybe [SR] Tongey...

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