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In SRV, CheckIdling=false
Is there a way to disable all real-time car tracking for timing, collisions etc?
There are too many things depending on real time cars processing, so disabling it is not possible. However, I believe admins/users have all the options to disable all the individual checks and messages that are a result of this processing.
Quote from EQ Worry :As the official 0.6B patch is available, I updated the library files that Airio is using and called this a version 2.5.4. But it is just library updates, the program files are still the same as in 2.5.3 and even !ver will show this old version, but new library version. It is just a quick fix that was necessary, because older libraries will NOT work properly on new host versions, 0.6B and newer, Airio will keep disconnecting. To solve the problem, the Aegio InSim library needs to be updated, using the files linked in my signature.

EQ I updated the libraries with the ones you posted in this post:

are the libraries in 2.5.4 different from those?
Quote from EQ Worry :There are too many things depending on real time cars processing, so disabling it is not possible. However, I believe admins/users have all the options to disable all the individual checks and messages that are a result of this processing.

Thank you, it would have been good.
Quote from EQ Worry :In SRV, CheckIdling=false

cant find that option to turn it off this my Airio.srv.txt file its the free version 2.5.4

# ================================================================= #
# ================================================================= #

# All of the following settings can be overwritten in config files of
# individual servers (named Airio.srv.?.txt. where ? is server number).
# If not defined there, defaults below (or app settings) will apply.

# ===================== FREE VERSION SETTINGS ===================== #
# ---------------------------- Messages --------------------------- #
# Sets time to display custom server logo and Airio logo on each
# race start (use zero to disable the display) - integer
# Specifies text (may be coloured) used for custom logo - string
# Defines message displayed to every connected player or limads (and
# admins) or only to full admins - string(s)
# Divide long messages into several lines starting with +, which means
# adding the text to existing message (not overwriting it).
# Text entered here will be displayed to everyone connected in chat
# area at regular intervals set in minutes - string(s) & integer
# Starting + allows to output several lines of one long message.
# Text to be sent as /msg to chat area on each race start - string
# Create more lines by using starting/concatenating '+'.
# -------------------------- Info Buttons ------------------------- #
# Large button(s) to be shown on each race start for 10 seconds - string
# Large button(s) to be shown on each qualification start - string
# Create more buttons (max 5) by using starting/concatenating '+'.
# Large button(s) to be shown to everyone after connecting - string
# Create more buttons (max 5) by using starting/concatenating '+'.
# If also ButtnMotd (see next item) is defined, it will be shown after
# clicking OK below these large buttons.
# These lines will appear as buttons to everyone connecting to the
# server, allowing for communicating some must-read info - string(s)
# Use "ButtnMotd=+text" to define text for individual buttons.
# ---------------------------- Defaults --------------------------- #
# Allows to overwrite default car set in file - string
# Useful especially for defining default cars on individual servers,
# which is important for statistics shown and other calculations.
# Number of laps in standard race - integer
# This number is used for storing champ/total best race times and
# ensures shorter and longer races do not spoil this statistic.
# ----------------------------- General --------------------------- #
# Whether to spectate player for pitting (pressing Shift+P) - integer
# Could be used in races closed for midrace join to prevent pitting,
# because only spectating people cannot rejoin the race.

# Time (in seconds) to wait with automatic race restart - integer
# Number of players to be connected for the restart to happen - integer
# Track rotation scheme happening on every display of race end screen.
# Number of races after which to rotate tracks by ending race - integer
# "track[|laps/-mins[|car+car+]] > track..." in the scheme - string
# Instead of laps, minutes can be set as a negative value, the race is
# then for specified number of minutes plus one lap for the leader.
# --------------------------- Blue Flags -------------------------- #
# Display more details about blue flags - boolean
# If true, players get message about the racer that is approaching.
# Seconds to delay showing the blue flag info again - integer
# This setting will limit showing the same message repeatedly in quick
# succession.
# Number of blue flag warnings before spectating the player - integer
# Zero means there'll be no blue flag spectatings. Any higher value
# will spectate the player after (DelayBlue * RepeatBlue) seconds
# under blue flag. Use this setting with caution.
# Distance in hundreths of a second from obstructed car - integer
# Blue flag info will be shown only if the estimated time distance is
# lower than set here. Use 0 to show info any time LFS raises blue
# flag, regardless of car distance. Value of 150 sets the time gap
# at 1.5 seconds or less.
# -------------------------- Race Voting -------------------------- #
# The following settings turn on and off vote cancelling and management.
# Cancel means the vote is always cancelled. Manage means cancelling
# the vote during race according to additional settings below.
# In which lap the race can still be restarted by voting - integer
# 0 = never, 1 = only in lap 1, not in later laps...
# Number of players for which race restarts are not managed - integer
# If this many or less players race then normal LFS restart rules apply.
# Time (in seconds) after race finish before restart voting - integer
# This setting should let everyone finish the race.
# ----------------------------- Points ---------------------------- #
# Comma separated integer points for victory and other places - string
# Limiting points for victory according to number of racers - boolean
# Any number of fixed values may be specified. If limiting is turned on,
# maximum points gained by the winner depend on starting grid size.
# If PointSystem is empty, no points are scored/calculated/stored.
# Comma separated values of points for good/great/top laps - integers
# Points for fastest lap in a race - integer
# Use zeroes if you do not want any points assigned for good/best laps.
# Percentage of total laps as a condition for scoring points - integer
# Player with less total laps at the race end don't score any points.
# Number of races in a series, used in point reviews - integer
# Series points are shown by !pts, when one serie ends, another starts.
# Use zero if you do not want to group races into series.
# Comma separated points for final podium serie places - integers
# Limiting points for serie according to number of racers - boolean
# ---------------------------- Scripts ---------------------------- #
# Address of a (PHP) script to be run on every race start - string
# Airio will send the response as a typed message meaning you can
# create commands, e.g. "/msg ^3There are ^734 ^3people on chat!"
# Define more scripts by using starting/concatenating '+'. Tabs (%09)
# in response may be used for multiline output.
# Address of a (PHP) script to be run periodically - string
# Periodicity of the script in minutes - integer
# -------------------------- Acceleration ------------------------- #
# Should acceleration data be gathered and shown - boolean
# If false, no one will see any acceleration data (target speed,
# seconds required and distance covered).
# Target speed in kilometers per hour - integer
# This value is applied on people using kmph as speed measurement.
# Target speed in miles per hour - integer
# ---------------------------- Drifting --------------------------- #
# Should drifting be watched and processed - boolean
# If false, no drifting data will be gathered, no scores shown/stored.
# If you do not intend to support drifting, you'll save processor
# time by using 'false'.
# Minimum speed in kmph necessary during the whole drift - integer
# Minimum angle of the drift - integer
# Maximum angle of the drift - integer
# Only drifts ending in car angle going below minimum angle are
# considered as scoring drifts. No scores are given for drifts ending
# in low speed (that is just sliding) or car angle over maximum angle
# (that is only spinning).
# Ideal drifting angle - integer
# The closer the car is to this angle the more points are scored. It
# is not simply the higher the angle the higher the score calculation.
# Minimum time of drifting in tenths (!) of a second - integer
# A value of 20 means car must comply with drifting conditions above
# for at least 2 seconds.

# ===================== FULL VERSION SETTINGS ===================== #
# The following values are used only in FULL Airio version, they are
# ignored in the freely available compile.
# ---------------------------- Logging ---------------------------- #
# Capture entered /xxx commands on server or remotely - boolean
# Airio cannot log these commands directly but they can still be
# included in the system log together with e.g. IP addresses. Also
# the server log is purged on every midnight.
# Complete path to the LFS server directory - string
# Server log file(s) are stored here. Please DO use the closing "\".

# ----------------------------- Points ---------------------------- #
# Points for any LFSW PB improvement - integer
# Points for stunt actions after the race - integer
# Points for each lap in case low number of people race - integer
# Maximum number of people racing for support points - integer
# ---------------------------- Car reset -------------------------- #
# Car reset penalties - strings
# First penalty is given after car reset, the second when entering
# last lap of the race. Supported values: SG, DT, 45, 30. If a value
# is empty, no penalty is given. Only one car reset is allowed.
# ---------------------------- Message ---------------------------- #
# This text will be shown as buttons after issuing the !rules or
# !event command, allowing for displaying special infos - string(s)
# Starting + allows to output several buttons, with colour codes.
# ------------------------ Kick/ban Voting ------------------------ #
# Whether to support priority votes - boolean
# If limad/admin with sufficient rights votes (by pressing 1) against
# someone, the voting is finished.
# Whether to protect limads and team members from voting - boolean
# If true, everyone voting against such people is kicked.
# Whether to allow people to vote against themselves - boolean
# If true and someone votes to kick or ban himself, Airio fulfils
# his wishes immediatelly.
# Starting a vote agains higher ranked people - integer
# If the rank difference is this many or more, the player initiating
# the vote is kicked for bad voting.
# ---------------------------- Starting --------------------------- #
# Custom start grid ordering (under development) - boolean
# Currently people scoring points in previous race start in reversed
# order, other people start according to their session best lap time.
# Timer for multi-join in demo (highly unofficial exploit) - boolean
# This timer coordinates players joining the race allowing for more
# than the standard 12 cars on track in demo.
# Limit overcome timer settings, countdown period and what is the
# actual limit of cars in race - integers
# ----------------------------- Ending ---------------------------- #
# Time in minutes after which empty server will be reset - boolean
# For server reset the file Airio.set.?.txt (where ? is server number)
# will be used, its contents sent as commands to server. Zero means
# no server reset to default state.
Check that you have the correct SRV.txt files, I just downloaded the free 2.5.4 and it is not the same as yours above....notably:-
# Remove idling cars in race - boolean
# Time in seconds after which player is seen as idling - integer
# Player is warned of idling on (IdlingTime - 10) and (IdlingTime - 5).

Edit- In any case I imagine if you just insert "CheckIdling=False" into your SRV.txt file it will work...or even just type !cfg CheckIdling=false whilst logged as admin and it will work.
Quote from Anthoop :Check that you have the correct SRV.txt files, I just downloaded the free 2.5.4 and it is not the same as yours above....notably:-
# Remove idling cars in race - boolean
# Time in seconds after which player is seen as idling - integer
# Player is warned of idling on (IdlingTime - 10) and (IdlingTime - 5).

Edit- In any case I imagine if you just insert "CheckIdling=False" into your SRV.txt file it will work...or even just type !cfg CheckIdling=false whilst logged as admin and it will work.

thanx for that server is with 500 servers on control panel was listed as version 2.54 but ingame was 2.53 so i downloaded 2.54 and copied the srv file from 2.54 into were 2.53 srv file was and now its all good also did the other suggestion as admin and that worked aswell
The SRV file above must be very old (about two or more years, I'd say). It misses many items and I would also think it has items that were long ago moved elsewhere (CFG or TCD). Maybe you also have a FIL (filters) file in your Airio installation? If so, you need a serious config files update, because FIL is not used anymore.

It is probable I will release version 2.5.5 tonight, so far only the FULL and PROS version. You may check Airio log to see there are both minor and major updates included. Then 2.5.5 FREE will be released and I will send it all to Franky of 500servers to have it as the basic Airio version, with all the current config files for new installations.
Quote from :It would really help if there was a midrace joining block, based on a predefined safety rate limitation.

Hmm, I have a feeling something like this can already be done, but I may be mistaken. Also the joining checks and various combinations make the whole matter real messy, but I'll try to take a look at this today, unless I'm flooded with Airio 2.5.5. bug reports.

Quote from :Is it possible to take ProhibitedCars into consideration as well? ... So I reintroduced the old Airio Prohibited error, which, is a bit annoying for most.

I see. Is there a known error in the prohibited cars check, or do you simply use that word to describe the fact that people are unexpectedly specced for prohibited cars? I would think including prohibited cars in the !mycars check will not be too complicated. However, if the cars are also disabled for individual people or everyone, they need to be somehow restored later...
If you click properties on the file then it shows you the date the file was yes it is different.
Yes, the libraries can be slightly different, and there is still more updated and tuned library in version 2.5.5 (only FULL and PROS released now).

The first one provided was just a quick patch. I included an improved library in Airio numbered 2.5.4, and I added all new LFS features into the library for Airio 2.5.5.

Overall, if you have Airio 2.5.4 and lower and everything works, there's no need to update the Aegio library. On the other hand with Airio 2.5.5 you should always use the provided latest library files.
Sorry my english but i need help with airio.
This its my config ... thkey=CILYw5wL&pli=1# and its a free version.
My trouble its....i dont reset to 0 any time for any car for any tracks, he says "Insufficient Rights".
Anybody can help me please!!!
Two options:

1) Set EnableStats=4 in the CFG file, then !rld.

2) Make yourself Limad5=d_cury, also in CFG, then !rld and reconnect.

After that all stats manipulation commands should work.
in the free version its the same?
Hmmm, good point, I guess only option 1) can be used in the FREE version...
Voting for open tracks is something I plan to look into when I'm reasonably sure all the other code for custom tracks handling works OK, so I guess for now voting could do strange things.

But the safety rating not working on open/custom tracks is much more serious problem, I'll try to take a look at it today and see where the bug was introduced. Does it give an error or the test is simply passed for everyone?
I see, yes, that is exactly the kind of troubles I would expect. The open tracks / custom layouts are very new, just as limiting available car types. While I checked the basic functionality, in real application various conditions raise that reveal holes that need to be covered. Any chance you could send me the log parts around those two events (unlimited joining, and no cars available)? That could help me a lot. I also had a report of normal layouts not being saved into Airio stats, so that's another matter I need to look at.
Hello, EQ Worry! I've found small bug.(see attachment) Top lap times and others are faster than WR lap time. That should be just because of older WR times, that have been deleted, but it still affects?
Attached images
Hi, it seems the admins purposefully specified 42.10, 42.00 and 41.90 as good lap times, hard-coded values. In such case the given values are always used as they are, regardless of WR. Airio allows to specify good lap times as percentages over WR (default) or specific target values (used in this case).

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