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Quote from :That useless data already is collected by LFSWorld, why do you need that in an InSim?

On LFSW is drivers data of distance and I am suggested to made new function that will show servers data about distance
Quote :...on the server by driver.

@cargame: server based, lfsw counts all together...
Hmm, I certainly did not remove/change anything, I will check this a bit later today, visit here now...
Hahaha... Well, I checked all I could, I see no problem at I had all info from all servers logged, but no info from your servers arrived. Strange, I did not change anything for days now. Maybe you could try update to 2.5.3? But I doubt that is the cause. Also, if you say you restarted Airio, was it a complete (hard) restart, like !qt, kill using an admin panel, start using an admin panel? If there's something wrong with the timer used for sending global data, then !ai (soft restart) will not help, I'm afraid...
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if a limad does "!cars road" airio doenst do "/cars=road" - it does "/cars=" instead
True, only "all" is supported as a special parameter to the !cars command. I just added "road", so that it also works in the next version...
Thank you very much
OK, I will answer here. This is the problematic part, copied from CG forum:

11.04.18 18:38:42 #1 C42P53 ekspanzi - PB not saved : Lap not clean...
11.04.18 18:38:42 #1 AIRW - new FX2 PB by ekspanzi: 1:38.41 (-0:00.80)

PB not saved but AIRW accepted? Shouldn't it be the other way, AIRW in fact more strict than local PBs? No, not really.

The AIRW PB is done with a custom car. AIRW will accept ANY lap time as a new PB in a supported custom car, as long at it has all required split times as well. If works just like LFSW lap times, everything is accepted, no checks. The strict AIRW checks are applied only for good/best online laps, in standard and custom cars. So, for personal best anything is possible. For good/best lap strict checks apply.

As for PB not saved because of unclean lap, there is OffPath value in TCD file. This value makes the standard (strict) path wider in both direction by the specified value in meters, and if CheckRacePath is true in SRV, only PBs done on this (wider) path are saved. So, probably, the OffPath value is set pretty low and there was a small lag or visit too far outside the proper race track, so the PB was not stored locally.
Hi there!

How can it happen that a "unnamed" player is listed in our pm list?

We didn´t add him...
Any possibility to realize a wrong way check on the new X tracks of Z30?

Regards, SJB
Quote from Crady :How can it happen that a "unnamed" player is listed in our pm list? We didn´t add him...

Uhm, sorry, I'm not sure what you mean by a PM list?

Quote from SJB :Any possibility to realize a wrong way check on the new X tracks of Z30?

I'm working on such functionality. It is quite complicated, because special new PTH file needs to be created for each open tracks, and then a routine must be running assigning node numbers to each car, etc. This is still in the testing phase, but AIRW personal and world best lap times seem to be working. When released, all this will be available only in the PROS version, and probably only for specific layouts. For more info check out this thread.
hi eq,

started using airio again, but i've been noticing an error that crops up, followed by a re-init.

Quote :23:45:33 AIRIO ERROR : Array index is out of range.
at LiveForSpeed.InSim.Airio.Airio.ProcessGlobs (IAsyncResult result) [0x00000]
ERROR : 11.04.29 03:45:33 - Array index is out of range.

any ideas?

Yes, I think maybe this happens when no server is actually connected? I'll take a look at it, but overall it is not so much important, probably just some info in !ver will not be updated/available. But certainly it needs correction, thanks!
Just started AIRO using 500 servers, but nothing seems to happen, is there something to type like Lapper has

Check out the _Config.txt file for info about basic setup...
Will read it again, i was looking in wrong one
Quote from EQ Worry :I'm really not sure if Victor is following this thread, but of course he's free to use the updated PTH files e.g. in the cool Remote application.

Show off! And by that of course I mean, great job!
cant change config files
hi, not sure whats going on, have airio on my server and it was all working fine. tried to change the config file, the changes have saved to my server but nothing has changed when i go in the room. reinstalled incase i messed it up but same prob. any ideas?
Hello fellas

i've a problem registering the user "rubén m. (mex)"

Quote :# Enter usernames of drivers registered for some event, separated
# by comma (,) or as separate items - string
# Output of !rsb and !rtb commands will be limited to these people,
# also !rexp data will include only these.,nacho.,Rubén M. (MEX),nicolas sosa

The command !rsb doesn't work with him. However with !top works fine.
I think the problem is the character "é".

Any idea?
Make sure you save the file with non-standard characters as UTF-8. Then !rld and it should work... hopefully...
Yes! Thank you!
11.06.10 18:12:37 #4 AEGIO WARNING : Unknown TCP ISP packet
72 55 0 0 1 1 1 0 47 116 114 97 99 107 61 65 83 50 114 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ...

How about INSIM v5

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