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Yesterday some strange problems with communication started. Requests from some Airios are completely ignored, while other requests work. I'm in contact with the site provider, but so far we can't spot the cause. Also the provider says that AIRW is putting too much load on their server, forcing me to move to higher and more expensive services, which I really cannot do. Anybody here knowing reliable, established, and cheap ASP.NET + SQL Server + domain provider?
It is a problem that started yesterday afternoon with many Airio instances. AA also cannot connect to, all requests failing. FM too, AMG as well. It seems CG is currently the only popular Airio that can still connect. I'm trying to resolve the issue with my provider.
Yes i already have Pit Entry and Pit Exit Node defined, For BL1


Its the default setting, when i tried it i exited the pits and cut the pitlane by going through the bollards on the right of the lane and i didnt follow the Pitlines on entry, but nothing happens, Do you know why?
@ EMS : Do you have the path files installed?

@ Samix : Yes, the details will be published as soon as version 2.5.3 is ready to be released, but currently there is no Airio that would not comply with the "limitations".
Yes thanks, i have now instaled the pth files but PitEntry Doesnt work, pitexit works fine but i tried to cut across the pit entry on BL1 but nothing comes up, i have configured Airio correctly

Is it because the PitEntryNode is too forgiving?

Try actually entering the pitlane, after you cut the pit entry lines. Also give it a few seconds. Wrong pitlane entry can be detected only when you actually reach the pitlane (slow-down point) and you're seen in the pitlane, which takes some time...
Airio 2.5.3
New Airio version is released, you can read about all changes/additions in the detailed changelog. Some people may be concerned about the announced limitations, especially concerning the number of connected demo servers and their setup. Please note that these limitations are very benevolent (max. 7 demo servers, max. 3 of them for very low lap count), and also NOT active at present at the Airio Master server. They were implemented to try to fight some bad tendencies in demo racing, but since we have agreed with all concerned demo lovers and Airio admins on these limitations, they do not (I hope) need to be enforced. There are no plans to limit S1 and S2 servers in any way, except possibly limiting the total number of connected servers to one Airio PROS license to 10. Airio FULL/PROS owners will today in the evening receive the usual announcement post (if you need the new version sooner, contact me using MSN), again mentioning the prepared limitations. Note however, that at present they do not affect anyone.
Can somebody explain how to use !uld and !dld command.
First I type !uld and found ZIP file on FTP server. Then I extract ZIP file. Then edited some files (like Airio.cfg.txt, Airio.set.1.3.txt). What next? Can not manage with online Airio manual

Second question: What I do wrong? All drivers have the same rank.

Quote from SaMiX :Is there a command or other to see who was the top 3 in the previous week.

No, there is no such command. The best way is to look at the champions before erasing all champ data.

Quote from M.M.L. :Can somebody explain how to use !uld and !dld command.

If I remember correctly, the !dld command takes all *.txt files from the set FTP server and transfers them to local Airio folder, overwriting existing TXT files. Then you can apply all changed settings by typing !rld on server.

Quote from M.M.L. :Second question: What I do wrong? All drivers have the same rank.

Basically, everything is wrong. Ranks must be ascending (low to high), so you need to change order of rank texts and rank points. The same goes for safety ratings, low to high. But 101 is a number without any meaning, it means safety of 1.01%, Much better numbers would be 4000, 5000, 6000 (40, 50, 60%). The license time you have set means that anyone with lap time worse than WR + 1.2% will have no license, anyone with better server lap time will be SPEJSAJT, whatever that means. Again, reasonable numbers would be 200, 100, 50 (WR + 2, 1, 0.5%). Important is to always have the same number of numbers and texts in the pairs, or errors will happen.
SPEJSSATL means SPACESHUTLE but on Serbian language. GO GO GO & Thanks



Another thing. I upload Airio.srv.3.txt on FTP server in folder where I found Type !dld, after few minutes I get message (You can now update configuration by typing !rld...). I type !rld, but nothing. There is no changes in files, before and after !dld. I tried to upload folder with same name like zip file. Tried everything, but still nothing
IdenKey option 1 will surely work, option 2 probably also. Concerning !dld, it should work as I described, it will move all Airio.*.txt files to the remote Airio folder. But it is long time since I've been using this function...
!dld function is not working properly. Not overwriting any file in remote Airio folder. Upload is working perfectly, but download... I put all files on FTP in the same directory where is ZIP file, nothing. I put few files, nothing again.

The file that I changed, name is Airio.cfg.txt, deleted some pubstat key. Upload on FTP account. Go to LFS, type !dld. Receive message to type !rld. I type !rld. Go to Airio folder, open the Airio.cfg.txt file. No changes
I just checked both !uld (zip local Airio files and send them to a defined FTP server), and !dld (copy all Airio.*.txt files from that remote FTP to Airio local folder). It works for me, when I saved a changed Airio.cfg.txt file to the external FTP server and typed !dld, in a minute the file was correctly stored under Airio, changes ready to be applied by !rld. Note that often you have direct FTP access to Airio folder (such as at 500servers), and in that case no !dld and !uld is necessary, you just upload changed files and then type !rld in game.
ok. Tnx

A get this erron in log.txt when I type !ai

AIRIO ERROR : The connection could not be disconnected because there is no active connection
at Meebey.SmartIrc4net.IrcConnection.Disconnect()
at LiveForSpeed.InSim.Airio.IrcCom.Stop() in d:\Development Files\LFS_Airio\Ircs.cs:line 126
at LiveForSpeed.InSim.Airio.Airio.IrcStop() in d:\Development Files\LFS_Airio\Ircs.cs:line 46
at LiveForSpeed.InSim.Airio.Airio.Main() in d:\Development Files\LFS_Airio\Main.cs:line 272
Well, errors are never nice, but I cannot see the cause of this one and it really is not important. Basically, the !ai command is never needed, except in a very desperate situation. For all config updates !rld is enough. And when something goes very wrong, it is best to stop Airio (!qt, if possible) and run it again.
AIRW says that is invalid lap (have pth 1.3 installed) at corner after straight (BL1)
Small lags play their role, do not drive too close to the road edge...
Yeah, and also just learn places where airio invalidates laps, and try to avoid them..
# Track rotation scheme happening on every display of race end screen.
# "track[|laps/-mins[|car+car+]] > track..." in the scheme - string
# Instead of laps, minutes can be set as a negative value, the race is
# then for specified number of minutes plus one lap for the leader.
# Track name may be followed by underscore and layout name.

RotateTracks=AS2|2|FZR+FXR+XRR > AS1R|4|LX4+LX6 > WE1|5|FOX > KY3|5|BF1

# FULL: If RotateTracks is empty this definition will be used - string
# In "track[|command1 [; command2 [; ...]]] > track..." any Airio or
# LFS command (such as !/cars or !len or /mustpit) can be used, giving
# much more control over rotations.

How I can write RotateTracks=AS2|2|FZR+FXR+XRR > AS1R|4|LX4+LX6 > WE1|5|FOX > KY3|5|BF1 to RotateTracksFull= this function. And I want if player are beginner he can only drive determined cars. When it progresses to obtain other cars. Thank you very much for the efforts to explain.
Unless you need special extended setup for each track/combo, you do not need to use RotateTracksFull. But in your case it could look like this:

RotateTracksFull=AS2 | !len 2 ; !cars FZR+FXR+XRR > AS1R | !len 4 ; !cars LX4+LX6 > WE1 | !len 5 ; !cars FOX > KY3 ...

You can limit car type availability based on many factors, the most used are ranks (points) and safety rating (percentage). First you need to define individual ranks using TCD file, items RankPointsText and RankPointsValue. Also you may need to define individual safety ratings, again in TCD file, using SafetyRatesText and SafetyRatesValue. Example:

RankPointsText=First rank, Second rank, Third rank
RankPointsValue=10, 100, 1000

Then in specific SRV file you may define what rank and/or rating is required for certain car types. For this most often RankSpecific and RatingSpecific items are used. Example:

RankSpecific=TBO|1 GT2|2 GTR|3

For TBO cars rank 1 will be required, that is 10 points or more. For GT2 cars rank 2 is needed, that is 100 points or more...
Updated AIRW stats
Just a short note concerning AIRW. Recently I added a new table, showing personal good laps (clean and fast), both in standard and custom cars. Also Airio 2.5.3 is sending info about the server where good laps were scored, which is an additional info shown. For an example see (good job, man) . By clicking on rank (e.g. 8/15) you jump to the combo clean laps table. By clicking on a username there you jump back to personal data...
You can add new command, like !top dist that will show total distance driven on the server by driver. If you want maybe you can add total distance on server (the sum of all drivers) and total fuel.
Yes, somebody changed it, I'm not sure who, but as soon as I saw I corrected this, about 1 hour ago... I will make sure nobody can change lap count...

Quote from M.M.L. :You can add new command, like !top dist that will show total distance driven on the server by driver. If you want maybe you can add total distance on server (the sum of all drivers) and total fuel.

Well, yes, probably. But to extend stats I first need to transfer everything to SQLite. And that is not easy. Also, the question is how to measure distance. Probably using the existing exact internal calculations, and not just laps * lap_length. It is not possible to work with fuel, consumption data are not available through InSim data.
You could show the fuel comsumption with the data you see when you set your fuel in % before you join a race e.g. "1,3% per lap" and hardcode the values - not the real fuel consumption but atleast average values

For those who want to see "wooohooo I burned 46liters fuel while driving 200km today on here" is it accurate enough

Regards, SJB

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