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Sorry for bumping a quite old thread, but this seems quite necessary to inform:

Before anyone asks that how the new Blackwood ( ... ch-0-6Q10---New-Blackwood) is going to work properly in Airio, you need to do this:

Open Airio.tcd.txt-file and modify TrksList, TrksName, NoReverse and NoPitLane.

Here is a correct version of these modifications:

# Enter short names of all tracks (without R versions), separated by
# space and corresponding track names separated by comma (,).
TrksList=BL1 BL2 BL3 BL4 SO1 SO2 SO3 SO4 SO5 SO6 FE1 FE2 FE3 FE4 FE5 FE6 AU1 AU2 AU3 AU4 KY1 KY2 KY3 WE1 WE2 WE3 WE4 WE5 AS1 AS2 AS3 AS4 AS5 AS6 AS7
TrksName=GP Track, Historic, Rallycross, Car Park, Classic, Sprint 1, Sprint 2, Long, Town Course, Chicane Route, Club, Green, Gold, Black, Rallycross, RallyX Green, Autocross, Skid Pad, Drag Strip, 8 Lane Drag, Oval, National, GP Long, National, International, Car Park, Karting, Karting National, Cadet, Club, National, Historic, Grand Prix, Grand Touring, North, ISSC, National, Oval, ISSC Long, Lake, Handling, International, Historic, Historic Short, International Long, Sportscar

# These tracks don't support reverse configuration.
NoReverse=BL4 AU1 AU2 AU3 AU4 WE3 RO1 RO2 RO3 RO4 RO5 RO6 RO7 RO8 RO9 RO10 RO11

# On these tracks there is no pitlane for SG and DT penalties.
NoPitlane=BL4 SO2 SO3 FE6 AU1 AU2 AU3 AU4 WE3 WE4 WE5 A13 A14 B21 K21 F24 RO5

Now, still in the Tcd-file, you may also need to edit these:

# -------------------------- BL1 Options -------------------------- #

# Following values apply only to this track

Copy these options and when you've copied, change BL1 on the copied one into BL2 and change the title on the copied one into BL2 Options (not necessary, but surely will help you by making this more clear).

Also, there are options for BL2 immediately after the BL1 (and now, BL2) Options. In the latter BL2 Options, we have this:

# -------------------------- BL2 Options -------------------------- #

Change both BL2-words to BL3 (only the latter one is required, but changing the first one as well will make your Tcd-file more clear).

And finally, we have this:

# ---------------------- Other Track Options ---------------------- #

# Ignore yellow flags caused in specific BL1R areas.
NoYellowNodes=72-92 + 160-170


First, change the Track=BL2R to BL3R. After that, copy the Track=BL1R and it's options and then change track on the copied one into BL2R.

After this, you may need to use the !node command to have PitEntryNode, PitExitNode, RestrictedZones, LimitedZones, MaxSpeedNodes and NoYellowNodes correct nodes on these tracks. Although this is not required, you may face unintended penalties if you don't update these. But I'm not sure, is it necessary to update these nodes, in other words, I don't know yet, is Airio going to punish you, for example, for driving into restricted area when in reality, you have been on the race track all the time.

Pretty much the only required thing to update is the first code snippet, the rest of them are only required, if for example you're going to have restricted zones in Blackwood or want drivers to obey the pit exit in these tracks Smile

Not sure yet that is there anything else to update in Airio due to this Blackwood update.
Hello i have small issue with Airio as a user. When i type !pl it show i have demo licsnse but i have s3

photo included
Quote from Mate2169 :Hello i have small issue with Airio as a user. When i type !pl it show i have demo licsnse but i have s3

I'm not sure, but if i remember correctly, it is displaying 'Demo', because you bought your license very recently. If this is true, that text should change to 'Liced' in near future. Did you buy your licence recently?
i bought the license 26th Jan 2017
You have no PB's on any licensed track .. Well, FE3R but 1 hour is not really counted as a PB

Airio cannot read license statusses, it can only read your LFSW account (and your race timings there).
Quote from Mate2169 :i bought the license 26th Jan 2017

Set a PB on an S3 combination and you should be sorted.
Quote from mbutcher :Set a PB on an S3 combination and you should be sorted.

Helped a lot THANK YOU!
there has been numerous instances where airio has stated demo racers being licensed while on our demo server (MRc].
While I know Airio is not anymore developed, I post here what I noticed on my server:

I uploaded a refactored layout on my server, and now Airio commands !pb and !stats display data only for those users that had registered a time with the first version of the layout.

Users who are now running the layout first time (=who never visited the first version of layout), will still have their best time in !top list, but: !stats and !pb commands display "no data" for them.
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Hi @EQ Worry,

My name is Emirhan, Leader of LFSTurkey (LFSTurkey Race License) M'TeCh Racing Team, Can I request
the FULL Version Airio from you? Let me know, I'm at

Last activity : 27 Jul 2012
Try ask on AirAttack forum (, not sure if it will help tho
Quote from EQ Worry :Hello, racers and server administrators!

After about 9 months of intense development, debugging and polishing on the AirAttack servers I believe the time has come to offer you a completely new LFS tracker – Airio. It is an InSim application designed to connect to a dedicated LFS server and provide extensive services to both racers and administrators.

First, I'd like to present here some (really, just some) points that make Airio unique for users and admins:

What may racers like:
  • Many settings, all available through graphical interface (selections are made by clicking on buttons, see the attached picture)
  • Selectable user language (one click changes all user messages)
  • Complete personal customization (what information is shown and in what form)
  • Detailed timing info on all split points (including sector times and comparisons with selectable base)
  • Extensive personal stats (theoretical best, best race time, points gained)
  • Protection from other racers (using many configurable filters such as bad language or wrong-way driving)
  • Easy access to LFSW stats (own and other connected peoples', if properly configured)
  • Automatic restarts, track rotations, vote management, racing for set number of minutes
  • About 30 user commands in many variations (showing all kinds of race/server stats, allowing customization)
What will interest administrators:
  • One instance of Airio may connect to several LFS servers at the same time (to save resources and to ease the site management)
  • All servers connected to one Airio instance use common stats (no synchronization necessary)
  • It is possible to define people with limited admin rights for partial server management (kicking, restarting; altogether approx. 10 additional commands)
  • Many advanced filters are available (lagging checks, locking by LFSW/server lap time, limiting car setup options such as tyres or automatic gears)
  • Everything is configurable using extensive options in external text files (more than 100 items to tweak)
  • All settings and options can be updated "live", while Airio is running (no reconnect/restart is necessary)
  • LFS Lapper PB file import and export (on demand or periodical e.g. for Web stats)
  • All actions and events are saved into detailed system log (allowing to see later what happened and why)
  • It offers several options to communicate with users (text shown on connect, periodically displayed messages, server rules/notes)
  • About 15 admin commands are available (allowing manipulations with stats, showing servers' state, joining and parting LFS servers)
  • Requires .NET 2.0, works in Windows and also under Linux with Mono
The above are just some of the possibilities and options. To read a bit more and to see the Airio settings screen and some output data browse to Airio Features Overview. To see Airio in action visit " #1" or " #2" demo servers. You may see Airio managing S2 servers at "[AA] AirAttack Rally" and "[AA] AirAttack Racing". Note that all four above mentioned servers (plus two external) are controlled by one running Airio instance with all the advantages such arrangement offers.

Airio is a complex system; still it can start to work for you (and your users) after updating just one text file – entering data necessary to connect to a LFS server. To fully grasp all options and the meaning of some not readily understandable items read the Airio User Manual and the Airio Admin Manual. Be warned though, these documents are rather lengthy, simply because the application requires it. On Airio Home Page you'll find other sections of interest, such as FAQ or Full Version Manual.

Well, if you have a feeling this sounds interesting, just Download Airio Now (optionally with language pack), set up your connection to a dedicated LFS server and run it. You'll get a powerful tool for yourself and you'll also offer racers fully customizable racing environment with lots of data or none at all, just as anyone wishes and likes. You may also create very strict or lenient racing environment, just as you wish and desire.

There have been people contacting me earlier and asking where they can get the system for their own servers. They usually said it is currently the best tracking system running anywhere. While I will not comment on that statement, I’d like to add that they have seen only the user part, but most of the innovative things are in fact in the administration part, hidden from regular racers.

Happy New LFS/Airio Year to all of you!

EDIT1: Here is the complete changelog and todo list.

EDIT2: Links updated, but some example server names are still obsolete.

hi i cant connect airio to my lfs demo server. i write everything it wants like ip port, hostpass, but its still says this:::
Opening connection : TCP ERROR
Hello. Can you tell how can I add this extra to my server?

I have a drag server and I use it airio. I have an option for accelerating but it does not work even when I write "true"
Think u need to set it to true. Did u reload after changes?
command !rld offcourse restart airio also works.

Edit: Maybe check also

# =================== INITIAL PERSONAL SETTINGS =================== #

# Line 6 of !opt screen data

There u can set what is shown in !opt for players standard.
Hello! I fixed the problem. DefaultVerbosity=3 , StandardVerbosity=3 These two things were empty and when I wrote "3" it was ok. I don't understand these things for what they are already working on! Thanks for the answer anyway!
I tried to search answer for this, but did not found.

If I have disabled midrace joining and have following Airio configuration:


Does the NumRejoin parameter limit the re-joining after CTRL+P?

Second question is: I found this from an old post
Quote from EQ Worry :That means you can set NumRejoins to 0, which basically says midrace join is not allowed

I think this can't be true since rejoin<>join, NumRejoins to 0 only restricts rejoins, but not joins, right?
I can't have any effect on these parameters. I'm testing with two players: my 2nd player (not admin/limad) is able to rejoin unlimited times and still after the 1% race progress. What I am doing wrong? I have refreshed and even restarted Airio after setting those parameters. I am running latest Airio Free and I can't see any comments in the documentation pointing that those parameters are only for licensed Airio.

# Limit repeated joining - boolean
# Number of players in race for the check to run - integer
# Number of allowed running race rejoins - integer
# Number of tries to rejoin before kick - integer
# Race progress percentage after which rejoin is not possible - integer

edit: maybe worth mention, I am running open configuration with race lenght of 1 hour (/hours=1). That makes the problem?

Another worth to mention:
I was testing this with two guys having limad2, but at the same time I had this:

And I had also in airio.cfg.txt
AllowJoining=4 (= limad4-> can ignore joining rules)

So in my understanding it should had worked, but it didn't. Probably I am still missing something? One thing we made sure, midrace join must be enabled, otherwise you can't join at all (this of course is also very logical, but just to make sure)

If anyone wants to help me testing this, PM me and let's have some tests on my online server. If/when I find a solution to this, I will edit this post and write it here.
Hi Guys, I have reinstated my [AKM] Racing UK Servers that I ran about 8 years ago for our team, we ran RaceNights on a Tuesday & Sunday Nights. When I closed it all down 8 years ago I zipped everything up so I dusted them all off and installed everything required. My issue is I bought a Pro Version of Airio but unfortunatley the Airio.exe was not in the Airio Folder in my zip. I bought Airio on 22nd Feb 2009 and have provided proof of this purchase below so with Airio not being updated anymore could someone please send me a copy of the Pro Version .exe as got all config files etc. (

Andy King

Quote from Andy King :
Hi EQ Worry,
My name is Andy and run AKM Racing Servers. Clio has been intouch with you about Airo Pro Software which you have agreed to supply to us for &#8364;50 which is brilliant, thanks. Can you let me know how this is payable and will the software be sent as soon as payment is received? Can you please mail software to and no other address.

I would ask for a couple of features to be considered as we run Race Nights every Sun & Tues Evenings....
1) Some sort of registration process for the events we run, so drivers register themselves and a car type and then at the specified day & time only registered drivers can connect to the Race Server.
2) Some sort of scheduling for Race Nights, I create a file that runs on a Day & Time that starts Qualifying and Races at given times similar to what lapper can do.

Hi Andy, thanks a lot for your interest in the sowtware. You may find the supported ways to transfer the funds here: If you need some other way for which I can register, let me know. Yes, I'll send you the software to your e-mail as soon as I see the payment, you do not have to be afraid.
(Nanex) DELETED by Nanex : ok

Is it possible to disable pit penalties all together?
Yes, allowing speeding in pit?
(i have a small private server with friends, that's why ...)
If you place a custom pitstall,the original pitlane speed limit is canceled.
Has anyone faced an issue where Airio would show enormous target times for cars?
It was fine, but after a week I came to the server and it shows WR+1400% for every car. I have no idea what could've caused it, been searching all over for that to no avail.

EDIT: Fixed that, seems like I had to reinit the whole Airio for it to take effect.

The problem that occurs now is only with licensed Airio - when I try to use !target with a Custom Car, I get an error - TimeSpan overflowed because the duration is too long.
This does not occur in FREE Airio.

EDIT: It seems that the licensed Airio calculates a higher number than 64-bit for target time, so I assume there is a mistake in the code for now.
Is the any opportunity to get Airio for my new LFS Server?
So, is down. Is the download available from any other source, or is it lost to time? Because I wanted to setup a server with airio and can't find it anywhere

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