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Hello all!
Maybe a nood question but i'm wondering if there is any way to show the limit of 107% from the top time set in a airo server when type the command !top?
I'm asking this because i'm setting a champ witch rules are the ones who doesnt set a time faster than 107% in prequal cannot go for race weekend.
Is it easy to implement?

Thank you.
Sorry for bumping a quite old thread, but this seems quite necessary to inform:

Before anyone asks that how the new Blackwood ( ... ch-0-6Q10---New-Blackwood) is going to work properly in Airio, you need to do this:

Open Airio.tcd.txt-file and modify TrksList, TrksName, NoReverse and NoPitLane.

Here is a correct version of these modifications:

# Enter short names of all tracks (without R versions), separated by
# space and corresponding track names separated by comma (,).
TrksList=BL1 BL2 BL3 BL4 SO1 SO2 SO3 SO4 SO5 SO6 FE1 FE2 FE3 FE4 FE5 FE6 AU1 AU2 AU3 AU4 KY1 KY2 KY3 WE1 WE2 WE3 WE4 WE5 AS1 AS2 AS3 AS4 AS5 AS6 AS7
TrksName=GP Track, Historic, Rallycross, Car Park, Classic, Sprint 1, Sprint 2, Long, Town Course, Chicane Route, Club, Green, Gold, Black, Rallycross, RallyX Green, Autocross, Skid Pad, Drag Strip, 8 Lane Drag, Oval, National, GP Long, National, International, Car Park, Karting, Karting National, Cadet, Club, National, Historic, Grand Prix, Grand Touring, North, ISSC, National, Oval, ISSC Long, Lake, Handling, International, Historic, Historic Short, International Long, Sportscar

# These tracks don't support reverse configuration.
NoReverse=BL4 AU1 AU2 AU3 AU4 WE3 RO1 RO2 RO3 RO4 RO5 RO6 RO7 RO8 RO9 RO10 RO11

# On these tracks there is no pitlane for SG and DT penalties.
NoPitlane=BL4 SO2 SO3 FE6 AU1 AU2 AU3 AU4 WE3 WE4 WE5 A13 A14 B21 K21 F24 RO5

Now, still in the Tcd-file, you may also need to edit these:

# -------------------------- BL1 Options -------------------------- #

# Following values apply only to this track

Copy these options and when you've copied, change BL1 on the copied one into BL2 and change the title on the copied one into BL2 Options (not necessary, but surely will help you by making this more clear).

Also, there are options for BL2 immediately after the BL1 (and now, BL2) Options. In the latter BL2 Options, we have this:

# -------------------------- BL2 Options -------------------------- #

Change both BL2-words to BL3 (only the latter one is required, but changing the first one as well will make your Tcd-file more clear).

And finally, we have this:

# ---------------------- Other Track Options ---------------------- #

# Ignore yellow flags caused in specific BL1R areas.
NoYellowNodes=72-92 + 160-170


First, change the Track=BL2R to BL3R. After that, copy the Track=BL1R and it's options and then change track on the copied one into BL2R.

After this, you may need to use the !node command to have PitEntryNode, PitExitNode, RestrictedZones, LimitedZones, MaxSpeedNodes and NoYellowNodes correct nodes on these tracks. Although this is not required, you may face unintended penalties if you don't update these. But I'm not sure, is it necessary to update these nodes, in other words, I don't know yet, is Airio going to punish you, for example, for driving into restricted area when in reality, you have been on the race track all the time.

Pretty much the only required thing to update is the first code snippet, the rest of them are only required, if for example you're going to have restricted zones in Blackwood or want drivers to obey the pit exit in these tracks Smile

Not sure yet that is there anything else to update in Airio due to this Blackwood update.
Hello i have small issue with Airio as a user. When i type !pl it show i have demo licsnse but i have s3

photo included
Quote from Mate2169 :Hello i have small issue with Airio as a user. When i type !pl it show i have demo licsnse but i have s3

I'm not sure, but if i remember correctly, it is displaying 'Demo', because you bought your license very recently. If this is true, that text should change to 'Liced' in near future. Did you buy your licence recently?
i bought the license 26th Jan 2017
You have no PB's on any licensed track .. Well, FE3R but 1 hour is not really counted as a PB

Airio cannot read license statusses, it can only read your LFSW account (and your race timings there).
Quote from Mate2169 :i bought the license 26th Jan 2017

Set a PB on an S3 combination and you should be sorted.
Quote from mbutcher :Set a PB on an S3 combination and you should be sorted.

Helped a lot THANK YOU!
there has been numerous instances where airio has stated demo racers being licensed while on our demo server (MRc].
While I know Airio is not anymore developed, I post here what I noticed on my server:

I uploaded a refactored layout on my server, and now Airio commands !pb and !stats display data only for those users that had registered a time with the first version of the layout.

Users who are now running the layout first time (=who never visited the first version of layout), will still have their best time in !top list, but: !stats and !pb commands display "no data" for them.
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Hi @EQ Worry,

My name is Emirhan, Leader of LFSTurkey (LFSTurkey Race License) M'TeCh Racing Team, Can I request
the FULL Version Airio from you? Let me know, I'm at [email protected]

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Try ask on AirAttack forum (, not sure if it will help tho

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