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Maybe the site was never offline,just the domain expired? Shrug
But yes - someone should check if it's legit and not some fake site with malware.
It's definitely not with malware, it's just that all the links (except for the docs) are broken, because they all lead to, which has expired
Quote from MrWave :It looks like the site is back, but no longer under a domain. Can someone, pls, check, if this is the official site:

Huh, sorry for the late 😂 response but it's only now I found this thread.

No malware there, it's my page, I'm hosting it for us (AirAttack team) but feel free to use.

I noticed one day that EQ Worry's page ( was being left unpaid (there would be a redirect to "renew" page every now and then if you visited it) so I grabbed all of it and fixed up the links so the docs menu would work as expected.
Does anyone know if EQ Worry is ok? I see his last activity was Jan 2022.
Unfortunately, we are no longer in contact with him.

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