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@M.M.L.: I think its only possible to set it for all races to grid by random/reverse/pb/totalpoints and not first race grid by x, 2nd race grid by y, 3rd race grid by z
Quote from SJB :I thought for erasing all stats is that option: DaysKeepStats=600

This means, if somebody did not appear (more specifically, did not finish a single lap) in 600 days, then completely remove his stats. I'm usually using 300, so if someone leaves LFS for 10 months, he/she is forgotten.

Quote from M.M.L. :How to change starting order? I want in first race to be starting order like finished qual. But in second race to be reversed for all.

I believe after qual the starting order is always based on qual times, only in subsequent races the LFS-specified order applies. For this you do not need Airio custom grid sorting, only standard LFS server settings.

Quote from M.M.L. :Second thing, is it possible for pitlane exit, when somebody shortcutting to get a penalty or spectate.

Yes, see these items in SRV:

# Make sure cars coming from pits observe the lines - boolean
# This has to be accompanied by valid PitExitNode item in TCD file.

# What penalty to apply in case of bad pit exit in race - string
# Possible values are 30 (seconds), 45 (seconds), dt (drive through),
# sg (stop and go), pl (pitlane), sc (spectate), or empty (no penalty).

Note the link to the PitExitNode item in TCD file. These items are not so easy to set correctly, but here's an example for BL1:


Also you must have the PTH files installed.

Quote from SJB :Just noticed a little bug ... of the rotation ... should be TBOs ...

Rotation bugs are always (uhm) user errors, something wrong in the rotation format. In fact, the same can be said about most other bugs I receive and problems I solve.
hahahahahaha so funny guys

Rotation works good, only if something is manually changed it bugs around sometimes...

RotateTracks=FE1R_DD3|2|TBO > BL1_STH|2|TBO > AS3R_DD|1|TBO > FE6_DD|3|TBO > KY2R_DD|1|GTR > SO1_DD|2|TBO > KY1_oval1_mod|3|GTR > FE3_DD2|1|TBO > SO4_DD2|1|TBO > AS2_DD|2|TBO > BL1R_DD_GOOD|2|ROAD > FE3R_DD|1|TBO > AS3_DD|1|TBO > SO6R_DD2|2|TBO > FE1R_DD3|2|TBO > AS1R_DD|2|TBO > FE5R_DD2|2|TBO > KY2_DD|1|GTR > BL1_STH|2|TBO > SO6_DD_mod|2|TBO+LX6+FZ5+RAC > KY1_oval1_mod|3|GTR > FE1_DD4|2|TBO+RAC+LX6+FZ5 > AS2R_DD|2|TBO > FE6R_DD|3|TBO > AS1_DD3|3|TBO > BL1R_DD_GOOD|2|ROAD > FE5_DD|2|TBO > FE2_DD|2|TBO > AS2_DD|2|TBO > SO1R_DD3|2|TBO+LX6+FZ5+RAC

Yesterday I was on the server and a teammate set "!len 5" and "!cars BF1" on KY1, on the next track it changed cars back to TBO, but laps were still set to 5 (look at rotation, all tracks are loaded with less than 5 laps).

And sometimes (rare) if I do e.g. "/cars=FOX" on a track, it loads the next track with FOX enabled too (all tracks has set the car option).

Regards, SJB
If someone is connecting and you try to enter a server command (e.g. /laps): the server ignores it. Maybe its something similar when Airio tries to send /cars or /laps to the server.

I will watch it and try to provide you more info how it happens
Hm, I have to say that your rotation string looks OK.

Quote from SJB :If someone is connecting and you try to enter a server command (e.g. /laps): the server ignores it. Maybe its something similar when Airio tries to send /cars or /laps to the server.

Yes, that is true. LFS server may sometimes ignore all commands, if waiting for some new connection. Airio is checking conduct of all important commands, such as /spec, /kick, /ban, /restart, sending them repeatedly until executed, but this is not the case with other commands, so they can be really ignored. Eh, hard to solve this...
I will not live to see my tool being used to kill any remaining good racing in LFS. One day we make an agreement, the next day you break it, perfectly aware of what that means. You cheat, and I do not want cheater's money, so I sent them back.
Quote from SaMiX :you try to find an excuse because you're afraid of the competition. Be honest, my servers will continue to operate with or without AIRIO

I explained this all to you about 5 times already, about 3 times you seemed to understand and about 4 times in the end ignored everything. Of course you can do whatever you want. Just please stay away from Airio in your attempts to improve LFS. This tool is not good enough for such a task. Thank you.
Dust off the weapons, take the tanks from garage, start the fighters......attack! attack! :biggun: :jedi:
I do not want anything from you anymore. Through lengthy explanations I was looking for understanding and until today I thought we reached it. But then I realized how wrong I was. Go your own way, but not using my tool.

is it possible to add the server on which the player got the fast lap featured on AIRW Best Laps list?
Well, that would surely be a good thing, nice idea. However, it needs implementation, both in Airio, in the AIRW database, as well as in the display page. Currently the server name is not send and is not known. I will attempt to add this functionality to Airio 2.5.3.
Yeah, I understand what needs to be fixed in order to get this running. Just thought it might be a good thing when you're looking through the AIRW Best Laps, you can see which servers are(if the time is recent) running your wanted combination and have a connection with AIRW.
Yeah! Good promotion for the servers, I will surely try to add this.
Airio 2.5.3+ FULL/PROS will have limitations
Hi people!

I'm sure some of you have noticed some heated posts here, exchanges between me and Samix of the MRc team. This was caused by some Samix's moves concerning demo servers, which I considered very bad for the LFS, specifically running relatively large number of demo servers with the lowest requirements and standards, exploiting, in my view, the less important Airio functions, such as points and various ranks. We went through several stages of suggestions/refusal/request/acceptance, but in the end I felt cheated, with my tool used to bring LFS to an early death.

It now seems we have found a solution acceptable to both parties, and I would also hope a solution both preventing such excesses in the future and affecting Airio admins/owners only in very special cases. Airio 2.5.3 and newer will contain some hard-coded limitations. These limitations will try to make sure the tool applies reasonable and fair use principles. Just like there's fair driving style, when you give room to other cars, there should be a fair admining style, when you give room to other servers and admins. There are people going the popular way, and people trying to improve racing standards, especially in demo. Both should have their chance.

I have some limitations in mind quite clear. Maximum 6 demo servers connected to one Airio PROS, maximum 3 of them with very low lap count (3 and less), one for each demo combo. This should give enough breathing room, but at the same time leave room to other people with their servers. Also I would like to limit total maximum number of servers connected to one Airio PROS to 8 (FULL, just as FREE is already limited to 4). Or maybe 9 or 10, I'm not sure.

Well, your comments and ideas are welcome. The point is to limit certain possible excesses and unfair Airio use. This is an interesting and maybe controversial thing. If you see some catches or negative sides, please voice them now.
Why do u want to do that? What Samix do?
So what happens if I say, run a rally layout server with 2 laps and want to use Airio on it? Putting hardcoded limitations on Airio is not a good idea. However if you do not wish to allow someone to use Airio due to what they are doing that is a different thing altogether. In that case you should present clear terms & conditions when buying Airio, and then stop people from using it if they do no abide by those. But if you are making it up as you go along, I'd be wanting (a share of) my money back...
Ye, Boothy, quite valid concern. I guess I'll have to create something and stick by it. Note that the limitations I intend to implement influence only demo servers. Layouts are not possible in demo. The only limit I'm considering for S1/2 servers is the total number connectable servers, maximum like 8, 9, or 10. And I'm not sure that would be a concern, except in very special cases.
I know the "limitations" word sounds bad. But please do see that they will in fact apply only in extreme demo cases, in just one or two cases for current Airios/servers, and the admins of those Airios are aware of this intention and accepting the reasons behind this move. Also, I do not plan to limit S2 servers in any way, except the total number of connected servers, probably to 10. Taking into account the private servers is an interesting idea. (Dave, does Nelson need more than 10 servers?) The problem is reaching this info - it is not so easy, it will probably have to go through the site, which reads LFSW data about servers and knows their demo/private/laps status (as displayed on the servers overview page). These data are relatively extensive and reading/parsing them locally is not good. I had it once that way, but it did not work well.

Whilst using Aurio 2.5.1 earlier on, I was confused by the pit system.

In the tcp file (can't remember) I defined the Entry And exit Pit node for BL1, and in the SRV. File I selected "CheckPitEntry" and "CheckPitExit", but in the description it says " requires a correct use of LastPitNode" what is LastPitNode?

I can't seem to find an asset anywhere,
Yeah, sorry, I just recently noticed that I forgot to update the item name. For CheckPitExit in SRV a corresponding PitExitNode in TCD is required. For CheckPitEntry in SRV you need to have a corresponding PitEntryNode in TCD. The TCD settings in essence say what is the last node you can be seen on proper racing path when entering pitlane, and what is the first node you can be seen on proper racing path when leaving pitlane.

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