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Doing car real life (pics!)
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#1 - JJ72
Doing car real life (pics!)
Many people would love to see their sim racing passion realized, same for me too, however for me it is not about actual racing (hope I can one day find the money though), but helmet and livery design, and I am very proud to say my first work in real life has been debuted and earn its maiden victory.

As you can see the front right fender of the blue/orange car has been ruined before I got there.

Very grateful to have worked with a proper race team, and got to play with these beauties, there are some more work lining up too, a Aston Martin DBRS9 and two 400hp RX7 and RX8.
Looks cool, well done! Out of interest how much do you charge for something like this? Don't have to answer if you don't like or you can PM.
Grats! Do let us know when cars you've colored are out and about so we can keep an eye out

Serious envy.
wow very nice!
Awesome stuff man.

Quote from JJ72 :there are some more work lining up too, a Aston Martin DBRS9 and two 400hp RX7 and RX8.

Can't wait for the Rx's
Thats one of the coolest liveries i've seen yet. Reminds me of that VLN Corvette from 2007. Good luck in the future, would love to see more designs
Very nice designs.

When you say you got to play with them, does that mean you got a chance to drive them? If so, i'm jealous!
Really nice to see you're getting to do something you clearly have talent and passion for. Kudos.
Can we have those for FZR/XRR please?
That's some great looking skins, well done lad!
im not jealous at all....
#12 - JJ72
Thanks for the support everyone, there are many things racing related I want to do and this is a key milestone, The car will go to Lemans too and hopefully I get to travel with them again.
Congrats man! I'd love to have that opportunity!
#14 - JJ72
updating with some new works and some breakthrough!

First it's the rotary dual tuned by knightsport which will be racing in macau this year. Then it's the DBRS9 which will run in GT1 round in Marrakech, both cars are in the making.

The big news is Ford wants my service to design to their next years LeMans intercontinental Cup entry, so maybe you will see the livery in many racing games.
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Great ones!
And good luck aswell!
Ooh, I hadn't seen this thread before - very well done, JJ!
Keep up the good work!
So jelly... That looks amazing!
Very fine job there
This got be the best job ever!
#21 - JJ72
Quote from vrooom :This got be the best job ever!

Right next to actual racing for someone who has no driving talent!
If you ever need an apprentice...:wave2:

#23 - JJ72
Here's the RX7 shaking down at Tsukuba yesterday:
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Quote from Gerdoner :If you ever need an apprentice...:wave2:


second that! O_O
what an awesome opportunity that is already leading to more work!
Enjoy it like a bawss!
Wow how do you even get into this scene?, since its been a long lasting dream of mine to gen into this stuff.

Doing car real life (pics!)
(343 posts, started )