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looks banged up,but for first car its perfect. i had a tipo 1.4 back in hungary. fiat has lots of problems,but if u dont beat on it too much,u will be fine with it
Meh, the typical BMW talk... Does this makes you a douche too? Because that's what my first ever car will be. (not this one, but a black touring, yes) I have to find a proper one for a good price, which is not easy.
Quote from Töki (HUN) :Meh, the typical BMW talk... Does this makes you a douche too?

i dont think douche is quite the right word

It's sad that some peoples can't accept the fact that BMW is the best

Quote from Töki (HUN) :Meh, the typical BMW talk... Does this makes you a douche too? Because that's what my first ever car will be. (not this one, but a black touring, yes) I have to find a proper one for a good price, which is not easy.

Heh.. I might be selling mine soon (albeit Lachs Silver)

Looking to pick up an E60 550 M (2007 / 2008 model) and don't know if I can justify 3 cars


Quote from Raito :i trust them, it's my aunts car And for this price is car in this state cheap one...

dont buy it.

Trust me.

They can be quite nippy for a car of that size but id much rather a corrolla or something that will last atleast a year...
I would never ever buy a Fiat. We had a 01 Brava few years ago, which set itself on fire in the garage. So yeah, forget it IMO.
I owned the some model that you want to buy there. Trust me i spend more money to keep it running then i actually paid for the car..

+ i would never buy a 1.2l engine agin it has just too less power. I used to drive 8 or 9l/100 km i now own a 1.8 litre and can driver further then with the Punto lol
What are you driving now, Bastian?
Quote from BastianB :318ti

tiny engines are moore strained on motorways then a bigger engine.

a 1.9tdi or 2.0 normal bmw lump would have a much better time then say a 1.2/1.4 fix it again tomorrow.
I'm planning to get a 324td Of course petrol engines would be better, but not here where I live. We only own diesel cars/trucks, so why get a petrol one. My dad had a 89' black E30 diesel (non-turbo) touring. That car was awesome, I can still see it in the city sometimes.

Edit: Here we are. And yes, pic was taken ages ago.
loll small toki
He looks almost identical to my friend back in the day.
Aye, back in those days red shoelaces were cool.
Took my soon-to-be MKIV 1.8T Jetta out for another drive before I worked the deal. Took it out without the owner. WhoooohheeeeeE!!!!!!! Now, I'm not 18 years old anymore, thus I don't beat and abuse a vehicle stupidly, but I did want to drive it without the owner before I committed. Had to put it through it's paces and I don't like having a passenger if I'm going to be yanking around on the wheel and hitting triple digit speeds briefly. Didn't actually hit 100, but she sure hit 90 mph in a hurry!

Took half a day at work to go make the deal and pick up the car, as well as pick up Wifey's car since it was at the mechanic, and today the bank decided there is a two day hold on the check I was depositing. Yesterday they told me there wouldn't be. So, now I have to wait until Friday, and I had to drive all the way back home in my weak old Honda at 45 mph because it shakes at 50 mph too much. :gnasher:

Now I want to take Friday off, but I'm too darn busy at work.

A shame there isn't anything available around me for track running. Stupid little local track is nothing but beginner stuff (which would be fine the first time, but there would be no second time) and tracks further away are big money to run on. Haven't had an interesting and fun to drive car in over 3 years now. I'm itching to have a clutch under my foot.

Bummer since I've set up a clutch on LFS last year and learned how to heel-toe, I tried it in the Jetta and couldn't get anywhere near the throttle with my foot on the brake. Not enough room and the throttle is really really low compared to the brake pedal.
Mike: I got the exact same Jetta about a month ago. It's lovely to drive. Mine only had 98000 KM too when I bought it (it's a 2001 :o).

It's lots of fun to drive. The turbo also sounds really freaking cool I too wish there was any tracks around me.. I'd be stuck to autoXing if I were to do anything, and I'd suck too badly at that (not to mention it's FWD ). I have managed some heel-toe in mine as well.. but it's so uncomfortable to do so, that I've just said **** it and am shifting normally. Am starting to get clutchless downshifts though (could get them consistently in my yee ol' 4Runner.
Got my license last year and have been driving around a 98 altima gxe. It isn't the fastest thing in the world, but it's still a damn sweet car.

I have leather seats, sunroof/moonroof, power everything and a pretty nice (Stock) speakers. Definitely isn't bad.
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Quote from dawesdust_12 :Mike: I got the exact same Jetta about a month ago. It's lovely to drive. Mine only had 98000 KM too when I bought it (it's a 2001 :o).

2001? 150hp from the 1.8T, mine is 2003 180hp nenernenernener! :haha:

Only difference is a little fuel remapping in 2003 (or maybe it was 2002.)

I am now in possession of it. Sitting in the driveway. Bought it about an hour away from home, which I'm out in the sticks and that means a lot of nice curvy roads to run it on. Problem was, it was also around 4:30 in the afternoon which means all the 10 mph under the speed limit folks were out coming home from work .

Took it for a nice ride after dinner. Had the kids with me, so again, no spirited driving, but I'm absolutely loving it. Power delivery is very smooth, and has plenty of torque down low in the revs. It really takes off once the turbo spools up and the revs climb up. I was hoping to hear the turbo a little bit more though. It's very quiet.

I also have a LOT of experience with Toyota 4x4's. Had a Hilux, 2 4Runners, and a Tacoma. Experience with several of the motors as well, 22RE in the 89 Hilux, 3vze in the 94 4Runner, another 22RE in the 88 4Runner, and the 2.7L in the Tacoma. Wish I had the opportunity to drive the 3.4L. Those Toyotas were the easiest transmissions I've ever driven to shift clutchless. I rarely ever used the clutch. It slipped right into gear. They were also the quickest to shift of anything I've driven even with that 4 mile long throw of a truck gear lever.

Giving the Jetta a little tenderlovingcare this weekend with the buffer and I'm trying to think of a good spot for some photography. I hope to get some photos posted before too long. Big issue unfortunately though with the 2003 Wolfsburg is the $1100 each wheels (so I've read) that had horrible corrosion and clear coat lifting. The wheels look horrible. They are 2 piece and I thought it was just the rim (the proper use of "rim" here, Tristan. I know how you love folks saying "RIMZ" :razz but upon further inspection, the inner piece is also starting to lift clear coat. Problem is, I've read that there is a special bit they used for the bolts and it's not available for me to remove them to get to the corrosion to strip and polish correctly. The car is just a work runner, and though I'd love to spend the money on a nice shiny set of wheels, that just isn't in the future so I have to settle with the crap looking wheels. I'll still try to strip, polish, and reclear the rims, but the inner wheel I won't be able to work on very well.

Gotta go show off to the brother-in-law who is the family VW connoisseur. I have to take him for a ride and really put the car through the paces. Hehehe, he's going to be so jealous

Since I don't have any photos of it yet, here's a photo before they remove it from the site from the dealership....

Quote from mrodgers :2001? 150hp from the 1.8T, mine is 2003 180hp nenernenernener! :haha:

Yeah, mine looks exactly the same... just silver. mine still gives me quite a bit of fun driving. It's also working well for my other reason for having it.. every girl that's seen it is reasonably impressed with it.

Now to pay it off... 8600$ to go.

My wheels look (IMO) better... but I would totally look at getting a different set of wheels for mine.. just to make it look different. I do hear my turbo quite a bit as well.. mind I do drive awfully spirited (hence why I always seem to be out of gas... >.<)
you make that car look like its a rocket or something.

why dont you send out the wheels for repair? we use sports car tyre,idk if they have more places. but they charge 150 $ per wheel,thats everything,fix the bendsmrepaint,polish etc.
Ugh I just discovered two things I really didn't want to know about A cars in general, B how much horsepower my car really has (to the wheels)

A .. just bought some NGK iridiums for my car.. that wasn't cheap.. I'm already strapped for cash, and buying new spark plugs for replacement wasn't something to look forward to paying, especially after just doing synthetic oil and also about to get transmission oil.. ugh! fml..
B .. Hate to say it really.. but to me its surprising that a FWD car is losing 20% of its power from the crank to the wheels.. is it just me or does that seem .. really far off?
How much and what difference does the NGK Iridiums make? Really, just plain old platinum NGK you can't go wrong with, $1.99 each. A spark plug is a spark plug in my opinion. I've been through a lot of cars, a lot of miles, and a lot of different spark plugs, it never made a difference what spark plug I used.

And synthetic. What oil? I am using Mobil 1 since buying the Tribute new. It's like $25 for 5 quart jug at Walmart. Dang cheap. I've always used Castrol GTX in the older cars, but with the new-to-me turbo, it's recommended to use synthetic. Castrol GTX is around $20 for 5 quart jug at Walmart, so the Mobil 1 is only $5 more.

Plug replacement and oil change are about the cheapest jobs you can to on a car.

As for the transmission, seems you can never go wrong with Red Line MT-90 gear oil. Now you're getting a little bit more money. Summit Racing has it for $49.95 for 4 quart jug.
FML. Looks like the new house im moving to has two cops right across the street
Quote from Klutch :FML. Looks like the new house im moving to has two cops right across the street

Good glad to hear. No more idiotic driving on public roads.
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