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Unfortunately, unless I can start my driving lessons, pass my test and get a car in the next month I won't be coming along. Moving house and our US holiday really messed up my credit card.
Quote :Oh, Shotglass, I can't remember quite who I've offered my floorspace to

If I do car share with Shotglas that also works for me, as does a B&B. I need you all to wear dark glasses in the morning until i've had a few coffee's and have done my makeup.

Quote :The nicest room is reserved for felplacerad

Not anymore it isnt !
Hmm, I can see the need to rejig things abound a bit as I'm sure you'll want a room to yourself, but otherwise the offer is open to anyone.
Dirty Drop outs!!!!

Best you pop down here then Mr and have words with the one who booked the holiday :chairs:

Hope you all have a great day, these are excellent fun.

If this year's had been in the south-east I'd have gone along.

Next year I'll be there, and maybe I'll bring the band along and do y'all a free gig
Quote from Shotglass :well just this monday i managed to graduate from uni so ill be free for the next few weeks and im planning on showing up one way or the other
any help on figuring out how to get there from stansted and where to spend the night cheaply would be appreciated

where in Germany are you and your nearest Airport?
Quote from Bob Smith :Oh, Shotglass, I can't remember quite who I've offered my floorspace to (I should really find the post where I was making a list), but I've still got three airbeds+sleeping bags available, and two spare rooms (with beds). I'm pretty sure that 5 people haven't asked yet, so there's some freebie accomodation for the night, should you want it.

put me on the maybes please until ive worked everything out

Quote from Becky Rose :Not anymore it isnt !

you realise we germs fight dirty?

Quote from StableX :where in Germany are you and your nearest Airport?

nuremberg... which also happens to be the air berlin main hub so it should be the cheapest way to get to london... well stansted
Quote :you realise we germs fight dirty?

ok you have the nice room with Bob i'll sleep in his room with his wife.
Quote from Becky Rose :i'll sleep in his room with his wife.

I have a wife now?

Anyway, if people want me to elaborate on the floor space here:
There is a small room with a single bed, this is the "nice" room. Bar the bed and my weights, it's emtpy.
There is a large room with a double bed, which has all the floor space for the airbeds/sleeping bags should they be required. The room has been empty several months but one of the previous tenants was a heavy (weed) smoker and the smell refuses to go completely, despite the window having been almost permanently open since January. It's a faint smell now though. Besides basic furniture, the room is also empty.
If people prefer more privacy, I can make room in the lounge to help split people up. Although that's only needed if there's more than 2 people staying.
Quote :I have a wife now?

well it wont be as much fun for me sharing a room with your husband, but if that's the material I have to work with then so be it...
Quote from Mike Bingo :Did someone mention golf in a previous post?
I might bring the sticks with me.

Yeah I was planning to bring my stick down, and wildly hack at a local green.

However I don't know if I'll be fit enough, I will be out on my local course to see how the knee is later this week to get a rough idea on how it is.
next year , come to spain , we can have the oliva nova golf tournament and 2 mins from course karting.
Count me out, Since crashing my car, I don't have the money to do this, nor the transport. Sorry.
jwardy - you've posted but not answered my question. I assume that you are dropping out?
Quote from Bob Smith :jwardy - you've posted but not answered my question. I assume that you are dropping out?

sorry dident even see the question , yea im out , i cant get the time off work . sorry guys have a good time to all those going , i want some pics when its over .
OK, thanks. I'll let you off not seeing the question as it seems you were somehow missed off the list of people to PM (along with a bunch of others, it seems).
Well in a couple of weeks I should be able to extend the booking to 20 drivers (which should make for 26 attendees), which will be great, although I'm still hoping for a few more. Seems too many people have bought iRacing and now have little money left for food, let alone go karting extravaganzas.

Hopefully some of the 26 people who need to get back to me will still be up for it.

If you know any team mates who might be up for this sort of thing, now is the time to ask/remind them!
I can now confirm [SR] Keith to my party. He hasn't paid yet and is hoping to pay on the day is that's ok.
I'll have to contact the centre and ask them about that. I suspect they won't be keen on it. It's only about thirty quid they want in advance, and I can extend the booking with just a couple of weeks to spare. Will it make that much difference?
Ok, I will send the money in the next week (if I can find your details again)
OK, I'll make a deadline then.

On 9th August I'll extend the booking for the event to either 20, 22, or 24 people, depending on how many people can pay their deposits by then. On that day I will ask the additional people to pay their deposits.

There won't be time to extend the booking again so consider this as your last chance.
ooh day of my housewarming party!

I'm planning on paying this pay day so the expense is split, so you should hear from me in a couple of weeks.

Still not totally sure how i'm getting there - are we doing the car thing Shotglass?
Err, shit

Some good and bad news today.

I drove down to Karting North East so I know where the place is an advance, and took a couple of photos of the track for people, as well as some karts going round it. I thought that might prove of interest.

When chatting with the receptionist there was a little confusion in finding the booking though, as it seems to have gone on the system as Sunday 24th, which having now checked, actually matches the booking form. Now the error has happened at there end, as I have always been talking about Saturday's when picking dates, and then again when I comfirmed a date with them, although I can't deny not spotting it sooner. I'm not sure how things proceed from here as I've signed a contract now for the 24th (months ago when I collected the first set of deposits), so I don't think I can just put all the blame on them and expect them to clear the Saturday for us, which I would be surprised if it was not also booked.

I'm hoping I'll get an email back soon once they have read it and hopefully they will have positive news, but thought I need to tell everyone here in case the worst happens.

Anyway, the photos:
1, 2, 3
Quote from Becky Rose :Still not totally sure how i'm getting there - are we doing the car thing Shotglass?

atm its my prefered option
although now with the event on sunday and me being un able to figure out how to read the opening hours of avis in stansted im a bit confused as to how all this will work out
Quote from Bob Smith :IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ
...Sunday 24th...

No big deal for me, as Monday the 25th is a bank holiday and I haven't booked anywhere to stay yet (still not decided if I am staying over or not, tbh)


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