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Dislikes Apple products

Quote from Senninha25 :Didn't need to mention that. :hidesbehi

I'm going to check out that thread now
Is going to "good night story" thread for a lough at Rui.
Joined to LFSForums one year ago
Is partly right.

This account is the second one I own. The first one was Karolis LT (no, not the Karolis[Lt]), which I created in January, 2011 IIRC.
Hmmmm.... Must be horribly addicted to LFS to have two accounts. May need an intervention.
didn't knew that he (sobis) cracked LFS
Made accidentaly a offtopic thread in General LFS talk section.
Doesn't own a chiuaha
Doesn't know that my first one is already deleted

And Antti, what do you mean?
is Sobis

And i meant that you used lfs crack
is not that famous Senna
Is the master of the unknown!
Has his mother in his avatar.
should get inferno together for gt2ws
Should find a active team
Is the official ball in the LFSDB Car Football Tournament
used to love stifler
Is an actice demo user I don't know much of yet.
Lives in country with most energy usage per citizen in whole Europe.
Keeps on spamming the forum which is so ****ing annoying already.
keep lying (look my post count and yours)
Has been using the forum for 6 years, and averaged just over 3 posts per day.
Therefore, is not a spammer.
Lives in Newcastle UK
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About people
(1357 posts, closed, started )