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Got the 300th post in this thread.
Lives in nowhere?
Doesn't have a keyboard
Has a Logitech freedom wireless keyboard
Haven't heard his voice for a long time. :sadbanana
Is mysho
Is dennis
Is master of silly layouts.
Is a kid.
He is looking forward to the VWS
Named the Anti-christ.
Living in a country where you can ride polar pears!
Is having a hard time booting his PC without a keyboard
Must be like 7th person to write about his avatar in this thread.
Is a fan of this thread.
Thinks that Senna would have beaten Mario.
Quote from el pibe :Thinks that Senna would have beaten Mario.

Thinks it's still christmas.
Didn't turn my mic volume up yesterday! (GT3 qualifying inside joke)
Has a good sence of humor:

Quote :"As a member of LLM, I am contractually obliged to make fun of the Kingsbury brothers whenever I get the chance." LLM.R.Pinto

Is now beeing corrected according to his signature, because it is sense instead of sence.
Is also being corrected due to, "being" and "because".
Loves this game!
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About people
(1357 posts, closed, started )