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Progress Report December 2011
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Quote from matagyula :could we get some more info, screenshots, videos, animated gifs, anything to keep looking at, please ?

Quote from :It makes no sense to laserscan all kind of tracks if the physics do not match up with 'the feel'.

That is what Scawen tries to achieve with these tire physics update. Otherwise it's building a skyscraper without a foundation.

Look at our money swindling American 'friends' with their Iracing production. It has nothing to do with simracing, just a bunch of crap put together for a lot of money. They even f*cked up their tire physics even more now. LFS ideology was and is different from the start, making a real carsim, not going for the big money.. Small development team and then yes you get these kind of delays.

Anyway if this foundation, tire physics is completed in a good way, you can think of adding more real life cars and tracks. You first don't go to high school and then to Kindergarten do you?

Its waiting until Scawen has something like, well.. This is not 100% perfect but it's acceptable.

Its not about the model itself you silly, it are the calculations behind it.

Good... That is what most kids want... A lot of content, maybe a little shooting also with it.. And no sim whatsoever... Thats good, keep the economy running. But it has nothing to do with simracing development.

The tyre physics calculations are what is most important, but the tyre model has been in development since 2008 when the VWS was first announced. I was simply belittling the screen shots because from a casual view it is just a few more lines and a rotated image.

I'm not a kid BTW. In fact I've been playing LFS since 2003 and I now have 3 kids of my own! My eldest is 6 and will probably be in high school before the VWS is released.

If LFS had of developed at it's original pace (2003 - 2006) my financial spending would have been toward the LFS DEVS not other titles. But the lack of development caused boredom and now I spend most of my spare gaming money on Rise of Flight, an epic WW1 flight simulator that gets updates frequently and is also a very small development team.

Actually the DEVS here could learn a lot from ROF. Rather than 3 years of failed promises, ROF charges you a small fee for new aircraft should you wish to fly them. Given the frequency of game updates and new free features included, people like me are more than willing to pay for new aircraft to keep the sim developing further.

What the LFS DEV's are doing here is creating an entirely new problem. The tyre physics development is moving along at snails pace, so anything short of utter perfection after X amount of years will result in massive backlash.

Look at the joke that Duke Nukem Forever is... hyped and delayed for years, now completed and gets sub par ratings. The game had outdated itself due to its slow development.

Let's not even mention West Brothers Racing Legends and the failed mistake of slow development that was...
plese lfs
good news! was what everyone expected .. But is it going to come to such s3 ...
since 2008 we wait a little longer will turn .. The Legend LFS and other simulators it is gaining ground fast .. please just let go desnvolvedores comcreta something for the many lovers as
Thanks Scawen, it's good to see some news once in a while. Keep up the good work!
The SINGLE WORST PART about this wait to me is....

...NOT the actual waiting...

...NOT that we don't know if/when it'll finally come...

...NOT that there are a lack of active servers....

...NOT that we don't know what will come if/when it comes...

...but it IS the constant whinging and bickering and moaning and constant calling people fanboy/fanbois or telling the haters / "h8ers" to GTFO to another sim if they don't like it.

I don't function off of what is to or what might come, after all that can change. Until I actually have it in my possession for use, it doesn't exist to me - I could care less. What I focus on is what is already there to work with. Yes, it's dragging on now, but for every brilliant bit of racing in the league races I run, that just rejuvenates my interest in running league races, so I keep running them. Every bad bit of racing has the polar opposite effect.

It's just a matter of perspective, folks - what's so hard about finding or making a good race to have - a race is never the same time in and time out - no one ever races the same way. That's what it's about, the fun and experience you get from racing and interacting with the other racers.

Not this silly fanboy v. hater crap.
are u feeling like that too?

Quote from Aragorth :are u feeling like that too?


I consider myself what you call fanboy, but if someone gives me such a nice high pass I'm going volley it !!


der butz
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Oh heck this announcement DID have an effect on me, my anus is bleeding. If we moan a bit more, maybe we'll have this tire with some shaders and such in 12 months.
I'm not complaining about the time it takes to improve the physics or similar.
I'm not complaining about the lack of new content or the decision to only mention it and never show it. Hell, I can even understand why they do it.

However what I don't understand is that cars like the FXO or RB4 still have the same interiour as in 2003.
Also about the exteriour:
Quote :The RB4 and the LX cars are still to be updated [...].
added sat, Dec. 4th, 2004 12:00

And they haven't changed a bit since then...
I would really like to hear the reason for that.
Quote from Hoshimodo :Gentlemen! Would you mind saving your bandwith for more sustainable purposes?

Ewww, rFactor

Wait, are you serious?
Quote from three_jump :I would really like to hear the reason for that.

Unless my memory is playing tricks, the last time this was asked the reason was: "plans change" and Eric likes to work at his own pace.
Quote from Intrepid :No one else seeing the hypocrisy here?

You're having a go at someone for keeping faith in something. This is a mirror image of your own behaviour. Your belief is that LFS is failing and seem quite keen to impose your un-questioned beliefs on everyone else. You are an 'LFS is failing' fanboy!

And wait just one goddammmm second here. Exactly what is wrong with being enthusiastic about LFS and being a 'fanboy'? It's the LFS forum ffs... you know... where fans of LFS come to chat???

I really feel for the developers sometimes!

Far from me the idea of making dangerous comparisons, but the burden of proof falls on the side of those trying to prove something exists. Right now, if you want to be super optimistic that S3 content exists, you have nothing to support the claim other than the few screenshots provided. We know that the Scirocco exists, same for Rockingham. We also know that the tyre physics engine is in the works, but how close exactly that is to completion is anyone's guess. This is basically all that is known in term of major progress, and with the exception of tyre physics in the works, these things have been done a while ago.

Thus, there is no evidence other than the little we know about the tyre physics that anything at all has been done for a very long time, especially on Eric's part, which definitely adds weight to the "LFS is failing" argument. That said, feel free to believe the messiah Scawen's word!

Also, people who still come here despite all this, even if it is to show doubt, probably have some hope left in them that the potential for a great game is still there. They are just saddened by the fact that such potential has been wasted recently.
Quote from Kristi :Yeah but, what would we say when you are having in mind that LFS is superior and untouchable, should not be critized by anybody who hasn't made a simulator by himself. No... that is not an attitude similar to ours.

I would say it's totally pointless criticising the the development of a simulator unless you've spent a fair few quid on it, or are paying under a subscription model...which LFS is neither. Scawan and co have made it pretty clear how they work and what their methods are. They've admitted their mistakes in the past but from where I'm standing they pretty much adhere to their own plan. In the end it is their simulator.

I can't think of any other industry that takes so much flak despite providing brilliant value for money. We have people questioning the whole business model at times of LFS, it's complete nonsense.

It takes next to zero commitment to be a fan or supporter of a sim (unless it's iracing). I'm happy to not play LFS for a few years and then bam some new tyres physics will appear and I'll be back on it. The developers have not required any commitment from me to support them other than the initial purchase which was more than worth it. You're not married to one particular sim either. LFS isn't really losing custom if you go play iRacing or whatever because you've already paid for S2 and got value for money, and everyone will be back for S3 and the new tyre physics.

People take almost personal offence when the developers release a progress report. Why???

To add comment, rather than criticise, as to how it appears to me, the developers are investing quite a large amount of time getting the tyre physics right. They could have gone down the route of 'get it out' and hope we can sort the problems out along the way. That would make sense if the plans were purely aimed at selling to the general sim market. However, my suspicion is an advanced tyre model, that has the potential to lead the market would be something of extreme value to racing teams and manufacturers and worth quite a fair few monies. It has to be right as soon as it's released and that's why it takes time. But if it isn't released any time soon.. so what?
Quote from Scawen :We wish you a happy 2012, and we'll release the updates as soon as we can!

- LFS Developers

too little too late. i'm going shopping for a widescreen lcd tv so i can go and buy a ps3. i'm not even going to bother building a new lfs machine until things start picking up more.
#294 - kdo
This topic is coming Off topic...
When we talk about s3, some other talk about rfactor. its so logic ...
Quote from Gustix :All what i can say is that ''street'' cars [XFG, XRG, XRT,FXO....] needs rubber with 3d thread, coz that will make huge difference instead of ''slick'' with applied texture.

Yes, I was also wondering if Scawen took this into consideration, because there should be a difference between a tyre with grooves and the one without.
Quote from dekojester :...

This. Quite frankly I'm amazed that people have nothing better to worry about

Quote from bunder9999 :too little too late. i'm going shopping for a widescreen lcd tv so i can go and buy a ps3. i'm not even going to bother building a new lfs machine until things start picking up more.

Quote from three_jump :
I would really like to hear the reason for that.

Eric is too busy working on the S3 content.
So nothing new . OK..I'll check the forum 1 year later. Happy new year to all!
I don't really expect this post to go over that well, but I'll give it a shot. For the other members of the community, I respectfully request that you do not use this as a catalysis to start moaning at the devs. I would like a discussion, an open dialog with the dev, not a one sided yelling match. So here is my argument.

With no time frame for new releases, it makes sense to keep the community alive that new content should be released to retain interest and enthusiasm in the project. I thank you for the current work on Live For Speed, the simulator is great and I've not regretted purchasing the for even a minute. It's still by far and away the best sim I've ever raced on even with it's "incorrect" tire model. We all understand that the tire model is not perfect, and that's fine with me.

So why not release the VWS, having some fresh content in this game, even as simple as adding a car would do great things for this community. I understand that Rockingham is S3 content, and that with the new tire model we should get realistic times on that track. But until such a time as the new tire model is available for release, what is the harm in releasing this track. We then get the benefit of seeing how well the new tire model works over the old current model. I also think that releasing Rockingham would be a great a idea, allowing us to purchase an S3 license to use it would also be good for you as it would inject some cash into the project and perhaps give you some incentive to work on the project full time. Then when you have the new tire model you can release that, when you have new cars or tracks you can release them until LFS is done. I have 12 GBP sitting in my account right now. Go on, take it, I know you want too!
The new tyre physics will be great, I'm sure about that. But don't forget that the people who play LFS now, already like the game as it is. They like the current tyre physics, the cars and the tracks.

So, after so many years, it would be better to release a track in the meantime. Something new to keep the people motivated to race. This game is great and it will be even better when the new tyre physics are here, but I think new content is needed to keep people to play the game.

Btw, happy new year to all of you!
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Progress Report December 2011
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