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Progress Report December 2011
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Quote from Inouva :
Maybe yes, Because i believe in SCAVIER, otherwise they whould shutdown long time ago LFS Master server or the forum, still they are working, that why i keep my feets here and wait that tasty food they are baking

The good thing with LFS is that while there is the "master server" all of the usable servers are privately hosted. I'm not sure of bandwidth usage but in the grand scheme of things, bandwidth is getting cheaper and cheaper and the adverts from articles online (although thankfully there is a lack of advertisements on the forum and website normally) will generate a small amount of revenue.

Quote :I will support LFS till the day the dev choose to trow it to the bin and shutdown everthing, meanwhile gona keep racing and having fun while you keep finding that sim that can fulfill that hole that only lfs can fill up

Many of us have found better sims, I have..c.a.r.s and GT5. There is no "perfect" simulation out there, you need to find a balance across everything, physics, features and graphics and GT5 and cars does it, on balance, better than LFS. LFS is good but not good enough in 2011.

You are a "fanboy" in the exact term of the word; blind and ignorant faith. You're like a religious nut... THERE IS A GOD, THERE IS A GOD!! HE'S SO KIND NEVER KILLS ANYONE...oh look a volcanic eruption.

Quote :Fu*k i'm hungry now, someon wanna a sandwitch with me?

no bread this early im afraid.
I hate to be a troll as I was once a huge LFS fan(boy). But this update post is a complete joke. Nothing, I mean, absolutely nothing is different in this report since December 2010. In fact there is LESS info in it.

Sure there are a few more lines in the 3D tyre image and it has been rotated, but it surely doesn't take 12 months to work out how do that??

Anyway, I had a good laugh, and now I will just continue to spend my time and money on other titles.

Quote from VOLK :Scawen never tells us what he is working on but I doubt it's a bunch of laser scanned tracks for instance. And man, if you have passion for racing, once you tried those laser scanned tracks you can't come back to basic model anymore.

It makes no sense to laserscan all kind of tracks if the physics do not match up with 'the feel'.

That is what Scawen tries to achieve with these tire physics update. Otherwise it's building a skyscraper without a foundation.

Look at our money swindling American 'friends' with their Iracing production. It has nothing to do with simracing, just a bunch of crap put together for a lot of money. They even f*cked up their tire physics even more now. LFS ideology was and is different from the start, making a real carsim, not going for the big money.. Small development team and then yes you get these kind of delays.

Anyway if this foundation, tire physics is completed in a good way, you can think of adding more real life cars and tracks. You first don't go to high school and then to Kindergarten do you?

Its waiting until Scawen has something like, well.. This is not 100% perfect but it's acceptable.

Quote from Rotary :
Sure there are a few more lines in the 3D tyre image and it has been rotated, but it surely doesn't take 12 months to work out how do that??

Its not about the model itself you silly, it are the calculations behind it.

Quote from Rotary :
Anyway, I had a good laugh, and now I will just continue to spend my time and money on other titles.

Good... That is what most kids want... A lot of content, maybe a little shooting also with it.. And no sim whatsoever... Thats good, keep the economy running. But it has nothing to do with simracing development.
Quote from Flame CZE :It looks more like a racing tyre, whereas the previous one was a road tyre IMO.

Well now, I come here rarely and right when I do, I see this. Not a lot of information, but it would seem to make things more official.

Honestly, I really believe that whenever the tyre physics model will be done and implemented into the game, it will be not only good, but probably also closer to reality than anything else seen in video games so far. Of course, I only base this on pieces of information released by Scawen over the ... years, but from what I can tell, and from we know of Scawen, the quality of this work will be incredible. I still believe that this is something that no man should undertake alone, though. This is taking a lot of time to complete, but that's only to be expected when a very perfectionist man undertakes such a complicated project.

Too late? Oh, yes, definitely, but it's really been pretty clear for years now that this is not a video game, and that it shouldn't bear the usual time limitations and expectations. It's a man's perfectionist and unconventional vision. Scawen doesn't care if this is slow, he only cares about it being just as he wants it. Now, if only there was someone else working on this, improving the game in other ways (read visually) while Scawen translates physics into the game...
That's why you guys deserve things like very expensive sims or unrealistic sims.
Those 3 guys always worked hard and gave us all of the updates for free.
I've purchased a great sim for 30€ in 2005 and that's it. In 2012 i'm still playing.... does this mean anything to you guys?
They are not a big developing team, and still they are the best, because, let's face it, nothing at the moment is better than LFS in terms of realism and multiplayer racing, even other developers are promising but there's totally nothing.
C.A.R.S. , Assetto Corsa, RFactor 2 etc... are all to come out, and it will take time.
Ok he's letting us wait a bit too much, and i think he knows it, but it will be worth, for those who believe in this project and have patience to wait.... if not, please stop moaning and complaining here and go playing to freakin gran turismo. Do you know how hard can it be to develop a good software? Add that it must be a perfect real time simulator, that you are almost alone, and competing (and winning) against big development teams....
Think people.... think....
when comes the new version out then?
When it's done
These tire physics must take another year because of new cars, perhaps new class of cars and new class of tires. Once they get this out of the way, we can live in expectation of day/night/rain for next decade.
Thanks for the report!
After read all this i've found some objective opinions, other ones just complaining.
To all complaining people: make your own LFS with blackjack and wh***s, that's way to be happy. Maybe after that u will starting to respect devs.
Quote from :
Look at our money swindling American 'friends' with their Iracing production. It has nothing to do with simracing, just a bunch of crap put together for a lot of money. They even f*cked up their tire physics even more now.

I really don't want to get into sim vs sim discussion here. Your way is one way to look at things. Very fanboyish way though. I my self dedicated a few years to LFS, ran leagues, built a strongest team in our community and so on. That is exactly why i feel so disappointing when i get this sort of "copy&paste from last year" progress report. At the end LFS has been part of my life for many years. It's just that it seems to be all in the past now.
Properly designed parts of sim is what we all want and precise laser scanning is just that. It's today's standard and you and devs will have to deal with it. Other option is to release "progress reports" once in a while.
It's lame to say - we don't need exact copy of tracks cos we don't have a proper tyre model. lolwhat? That is exactly what we need - precisely simulated conditions.
Quote from shashdev :I hope to god that these new physics feel a great deal different then the one that is presently in the game cause anything less will be a waster of time over the past three years.

Guys, if you had REALLY payed attention to this progress report, if I´m wrong please correct me but...

I thought to have read that there´ll be released a update with Scirocco and physics update, and further after that the the tyre physics and THAN, Eric and Scawen will work on S3, and Vic will maybe get out a new website or so..

That´s what I think...

And you can say all you like about ScaViEr, but Vic and Eric have always been there for me when I really needed them, and Scawen is just a workaholic.
Happy new year devs.

Better that report than nothing but it looks like it has been written by someone else than Scawen (wife?) with nothing new (so was the 12-2010 one) or crispy in it.

LFS is still my best sim but damn that would be cool, first for Scawen to get that tyre model working (and working better than the current one, then to be able to drive it and enjoy new content.

I am a bit disapointed but I wish luck to the devs and I still support the effort.

Keep up!
Quote from Guthix :This! Is! FUS-RO-DAH (or USE YOUR JAW!)

My jaws got stuck by candy
i rarely checked the forums for updates the last years, but this copy/paste job is just a joke. at least they could have spent a little more time/efford in pretending that they do something.

maybe some new licenses can be sold by this. good for drivers who are still active.

it's sad that the energy and spirit of the beginning years just vanished. This game had insane potential. it's very disappointing.

after this i don't feel like checking for updates, because i just don't trust "the news" anymore.
#167 - col
Quote from Chupacabras84 :Well yes but its still feels pretty different from real deal...
For example when your car stand still and you spin the wheel you wont feel any resistance which is there in RL.

Which is a limitation of the tyre model - so tyre model needs improvement, not 'force feedback'
Quote :
when you going trough the sand you can turn the wheel as easy as on the road or grass (normally you would need a lot of force to turn wheels that are buried deep in the sand, or when you hit the sandtrap at speed you would feel it trough your steering wheel)

Which is due to LFS not modelling depth/viscosity of road surfaces - nothing to do with 'force feedback' code.

LFS is a simulation. Canned effects are a bad thing which is why LFS avoids them. If you want canned effects that make it more difficult to drive, and allow the programmers to hide the weaknesses in their physics, go play something else
I just read it once again and i noticed something weird.
Quote from Scawen :Eric has been working on the S3 content.

Next line
Quote from Scawen :we will work towards the S3 update

#169 - kdo
Quote from Flame CZE :They probably did not show any pictures of the S3 content, because some people might complain why they don't release them etc.

That true. If some one change their attitude, the devs will release some screens.
Quote from DarkKostas :I just read it once again and i noticed something weird.

Next line

What's so weird? It's a copy/paste job. What are you on about.
Quote from Progress Report 2010 : Eric has been working on some more S3 content but he would like to get nearer to finishing before we show any new pictures.

Quote from Progress Report 2011 :Eric has been working on the S3 content.

A full year is not enought to show a SINGLE picture?
The weird thing is "HAS BEEN". Is he still working on it? No.

"WILL WORK TOWARDS" did they just plan or even start?

.. seriously we need some proper updates and nothing that we've already read like... a bazillion years ago. Just some freaking ingame pictures or whatever, so all those whoever people can be happy to see atleast something else than Tires.

They don't update, people complain. They update, people complain. It's no wonder they don't come on here much any more.

It's all about what you expect, and by now you have to know the score. I've played GT5 and Forza to death, I've tried a load of other PC racing games and not one of them gives me that same feeling of accomplishment when I do well that LFS does. It just feels natural, and that's why I'll always be around. I don't play as much as I used to, but that's because now I have a social life. I'll keep coming back and I'd still love to join a league (although I suck too hard to win). There's just something about LFS that feels right, and I am looking forward to all of the future updates, no matter how long they take.
Devs please just show us some pictures of the new content
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Progress Report December 2011
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