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Well, ladies and gentlemen, the season is over. We didn't achieve the same success as in the previous two seasons, but I'm sure everyone pitched in with their best guesses and analysis.

Our subleague was 4th out of 10. Interestingly, the folks over at was 2nd, so we didn't do too badly.

Congratulation to Hyperdrive, Mafia, and Rets, who took the top three places in our subleague! No hats this time around, unfortunately.

Here's looking forward to the next season!
We have too many inactive people.

Good season though. Looking forward to 2011.
Aye good effort all round chaps. Finished 5th in the sub-league and 433rd overall. A poorish start and a disaster at Spa cost me dear.

Gratz to Hyper
Made a huge mistake when I changed my full red bull lineup away in Monza. Took about 4 races to get it all back. Every bit of money I earned the red bulls just got more expensive. Lost hundreds of points there but in turn earned some valuable points by having alonso in korea when others went with red bulls.

Was fun season. Too bad for the caps though.
So are we doing this this year?
I'll be there and perform poorly as usual.
I will be up for it, we need to try and get some hats this year. Still got my Brawn one on my shelf above my computer, just need to get a Lotus one now.
roll on 2011.
I sent some nagging PM to samjh. Let's see if he wants to do this one.
I'm up for participating
No response from samjh yet. Let's say that if he doesn't respond before next sunday (13.) I'll organise it. (or someone else)
I'm up for it again. Lost a cap by 6 points last season.

A quote from

Managergame will be updated this weekend. New drivers, engines, chassis and fuel.02/04/2011 7:56:08 PM

Sounds good!
Looks like samhj isn't responding to my PMs. There is no prices yet listed on the manager site for any drivers so there is no hurry to register yet. 3 weeks for the first race though...

Would any active lfsser be interested organising this this year? HVS5b, Turbodad or ATC Quicksilver or someone else?

I'm not really sure I can do it myself as I have some travel plans which might make me unavailable for long periods during the season.

It's not that much work tbh. Just start a new private league and post there the password and name the people will do the rest themselves. Then just keep the thread alive and make sure the right people get the right caps in the end of the season
I'll do it if you want - seems quite interesting!
Go for it
Right, so is anyone doing this or should I go ahead and create a subleague for us? Are we going to have a new thread for the 2011 season or keep this one? We only have a month left to sort it out
I've been trying to get someone to do it because I can't promise myself that I'm available to deal with the prizes in the fall in case we win.

Please Dajmin, go ahead and do it!

I just looked at the site and it looks like you can't edit your team atm. Hopefully it opens soon though. It looks like they are waiting for hispania to say who will their 2nd driver be...

I think I'll start with force indias once again
Database is unlocked. You can set up your team for Australia. Good luck!02/26/2011 11:38:49 AM
So what's the score with this? Has someone created a new sub-league for us or are we staying in last years?

I thought about it, but I can't commit to looking after the management of it myself.
Ok, I'm doing this, check the new thread -> linky

F1 Race Manager 2010 Browser Game
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