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F1 Race Manager 2010 Browser Game
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F1 Race Manager 2010 Browser Game
In 2010, we continue our proud tradition of kicking buttocks in the F1 Race Manager browser game.


This year's subleague: LiveForSpeed 2010
Subleague password: bf1ftw

To join:
  1. Point your browser to
  2. If you are already a member, sign in. If you are not a member, register -- it's free.
  3. Click on "Edit Profile".
  4. Scroll down to "Change Subleague".
  5. Type our subleague name, LiveForSpeed 2010 into the "Private subleague name" field.
  6. Type our subleague password, bf1ftw into the "Private subleague password" field.
  7. Click the "change subleague" button.
To edit your team:
  • Click "Edit Team".
  • Choose your driver, and your engine, chassis, and fuel suppliers.
  • Your initial budget is only 100,000 credits. Use it wisely.
  • You have until one hour prior to the start of qualifying to edit your team. Your team is editable between race weekends.
  • Take note of your "personal broker fee". This is the percentage amount that will be deducted from the sale of a driver/chassis/engine/fuel. The more successful you are, the greater this fee will be.
  • You cannot choose two identical drivers.
Live for Speed participants have won the two previous Subleague Challenges (ie. competition between subleagues for the highest amount of points) in 2008 and 2009. We can do it again in 2010! As a bonus, the top 6 players in the winning subleague gets a "signed" (it's not really signed) F1 cap!
Looks like I'm the first one to sign up, hopefully I can get myself a Mercedes or Red Bull hat this time. Who is going to sign the caps? If Zeug wins one I am willing to sign it with some of my bodily fluids.
well.... i signed up, and made my team... i know i will change it...... what a shame that we cant start with a full ex-brawn line up like last year.....

Let's get teh caps
I'm in bitches, let's win some stuff again
Souza Racing is back for more (poor) racing!
LTF1 is back for round 2.
I'm in~
Signed up to beat QS (and everyone else).
I'm in. Lets see if we can score a hat trick and win 3 years in a row
I'm in, Team Turbo
I'm back

Need more caps!
The prices are there and we are on! Looks like no one is starting with full brawn team this year.

No stefan gp either. Interesting to see who gets it right. I doubt the new teams (campos, lotus and virgin) will defeantely lack pace but which one of them is actually able to finish the race. Virgin looks the strongest with speed as they got the earliest start, campos is probably dead slow and unreliable and lotus might be just as slow as campos but they might have the best reliability.

Time to start running the numbers
Mclaren and Sauber would be the best bet, dependant on prices.

EDIT: Well this will be much harder than last year. Okay so my team is...

Drivers: Adrian Sutil-Heikki Kovalainen
Chassis: Virgin
Engine: Lotus
Fuel: Sauber
yes, it really forces you to start at the bottom... some very interesting choices that have to be made. Reliability vs. speed of the bottom teams.

I'm in with RAMGP.
There's small change in the points this year. Last year you got points for 21st and 22nd positions but now the last position to score points is 20th. So choosing lotus, campos or virgin might mean 0 points even if the cars finished the race. Last year you always got points even if you went with a car that crashed in turn 1.

I think I'll just put some placeholder stuff there now and finalise my choises when the cars have done the practise sessions.

edit. Hmm, and I think you can do some magic with the usf1 2nd driver. Basically that driver won't be getting any cheaper so you don't lose any money there and it's very cheap to change. Plus you get some really nice extra money which may score more points somewhere else
but that driver doesn't even exist anymore? will they be fixing that?
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Quote from RiseAgainstMe! :but that driver doesn't even exist anymore? will they be fixing that?

No idea but they could at least take usf1 off from their lists. Especially as it has been confirmed that usf1 won't make it this year. Maybe they just replace usf1 with that stefan gp team when we get news about the stefan gp deal. Anyways, I have set the 2nd usf1 driver as my second driver and invested the little extra money somewhere else
I am back again, but this year, going to actually make an attempt to play the game!!!
i've gone for a virgin team. gotta support the virgins
Im in, after getting in the Top 5 last year after not even changing one bit of my team since the first round.

Im trying to stay away from the new teams so I went:
Drivers: Buemi-chandhok
Chassis: Force india
Engine: STR
Fuel: HRT
they've completely remover USGP and not changed prices at all that means I have to reconfigure my lineup
Quote from Luke.S :i've gone for a virgin team. gotta support the virgins

Yes, they are getting rarer these days.

Oh, you meant the team!
The engine selection bit is BS.

F1 Race Manager 2010 Browser Game
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