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Thank You, Daniel!
the dashboard doesn't work since last update Frown please fix Frown
Quote from racer006 :the dashboard doesn't work since last update Frown please fix Frown

"bla bla bla dont working ! fix !!!!!!"
This kind of messages makes me cringe.
Quote from racer006 :the dashboard doesn't work since last update Frown please fix Frown

did it say any error in LFS or message box?
I've got same problem.No error messages,dashboard editor working,but the custom dash just won't draw.I still see only the default one.Other LFSlazy accesories are working (radar,fuel consumption etc.)

How can I post an image?I'd like show it to you.
-Hold ctrl + S

-Go to (lfs folder)\data\shots\

-upload the last available screen-shot

edit:here for exemple then share the link.

Quote from DANIEL-CRO :
Spoiler - click to revealSubmitted a new build : 27

For now I left TV mode disabled.

Radar is much smoother (graphics wise)
included dashes - BF1, FO8 (vitaly_m); XRR, UFR (Flame CZE); new FXO, XRG (1303s_vortech)
Dashboard - turbo min value wasn't saved
Fuel warning - in practice and qualy (if server is not cruise) it will warn you if you cannot complete 2 laps with selected fuel level
Last time on server and Connects are now logged and shown in server lists
/o ver - version of program
New gadget - track name
New message (optionable) - saved PB (split predictor)
Encounters - Flags by country names

Thanks !
Here is the image.Dashboard is turned on,but doesn't show up.

What I've tried:

-Deleted everything in Gauges folder and let LFSlazy copy new files
-Deleted whole LFSlazy files and downloaded fresh copy
-Entered again pubstat key
-Tried changing insim port (After no result,set back to default 29999)

And by the way..I am using Windows Xp.Maybe it has to do something with it.

Thanks for your reply.

Quote from Sawyer154 :...

Win 7 here, same problem.

No errors displayed though...Shrug
Couple of you reported that dashboard is not working, so I've decided to investigate it. Turns out that some of recent (needed) changes broke something. For now to get Dashboard working again, you should enable Haze effect in your graphics settings (hope its just that). I'll see tommorow if I can do anything regarding that issue.
Well..Enabled Haze effect,but nothing changed.Still can't see lfslazy dash.

You can see haze in this screen,so my video card supports it.

Thanks for your help Smile
Quote from DANIEL-CRO :... you should enable Haze effect in your graphics settings (hope its just that) ...

Thanks, it works for me (Windows XP).
Figured out something..The dashboard appears when I turn mirrors on.But playing with mirrors give me some fps drop (10-20).
Yesterday I pushed an update 28.


Radar - option to mark your car, car textures are in 256x256, barriers and armcos now drawn
Dashboard was not working in some cases (hope it does for all now)
Support for 0.6G14

Let me know if dashboard still does not work, or if there are any other problems regarding recent changes.
Okey.The haze effect problem is fixed.But if I try to turn off the mirrors it writes "LFSlazy-Dashboard scene not found" and dashboard dissapears.
New Build : 29

Pit Info - if not carrying enough fuel for laps+1 blink as yellow
>0.6G14 server filter
LFSW-Users - if user has hidden stats show data from database (playername, encounters)
Replay menu - wrong replay was started if sorting was applied
Dashboard - hopefully fixed issues where it did not work if mirrors were turned off

As far as I tested dashboard works regardlessly of all other settings (mirrors, haze, ...), hope it will also for everyone that had problems with it.
Everything works now.Thanks for your time and sorry for aditional complications Smile
I'm getting the LFS did not respond error, the admin password is definitely right but it's just not talking to LFS properly.

The link in the OP is updated right? That is Version 29?

EDIT: Had to kill it in task manager, it was still running for some reason. Works now.
hey daniel great job with this app ! :)like so much

i have idea when the red ligth when u no have fuel. can u add a sound?

a sound alert no fuel? ty Smile
I believe that previously there was a sound when fuel goes red, but some were unhappy with my choice of sound (beep).

BTW there is new build 30 with the support for 0.6G15
lazy need a new version for 0.16g daniel Smile

waiting that update . patient ^^

and BTW I forgot to mention that LFSLazy versions 26 and prior will not work with LFS 0.6G14 and later. The reason for that is InSim version change. In that case you can either redownload LFSLazy from the first post and replace it in your LFSLazy folder or use older LFS to auto-update Lazy to latest version.
Hi mate, could you please release an update (FAST!! Big grin) so that 0.6G16 works with LFSLazy? Big grin

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