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LFSLazy is a local insim application which can show various LFSW stats, buddies online, server list with advanced filters and search, complete chat history, gadgets and other info.

Some other features:
  • Setup filter
  • Detailed split info
  • realtime lap tracking with 1ms precision
  • Car radar
  • Custom dashboards
  • and much more...
DOWNLOAD LFSLazy v102 0.6V

To run program follow these steps:
Quote :1.Dowload
2.Start LFS (if you haven't already)
3.Type „/insim 29999“ in LFS (or whatever port you wish to use)
4.Run LFSLazy
5.Configuration window will appear first, enter port, adminpass and pubstats key there
6.Click Continue
7.If main LFSLazy window appear, you are good

Video previews:List of available LFSLazy dashboards. Note: most of these are already included in LFSLazy by default.

Use program at your own risk.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to ask in this thread. Thumbs up

Review by SMOKE:

Oh those Russian teens...

And good program
looks like it will be a useful program.thanks
#4 - Litro
Looks good. Make CTRA 2 please/
#5 - Nilex
Great to see it released finally

Have been using it since about a month or two ago, suggesting and torturing Daniel with lots of minor stuffs. He was such a sport and often beating me to it and implementing things before i could comment!

The mouse wheel menu was revolutionary when i first saw it. It is easy and intuitive to use, especially if you are a mouse driver. That and the moving of the gadget buttons with a click of a mouse
It's hard to mention all the features like race notification popup while LFS is not in focus and auto spectate if you aren't responding.

Attached is a screeny of my cockpit gadget setup (finally a working speedo ). Some values update real-time!
Attached images
any way to save the chatlogs somewhere?
Quote from Franky.S :any way to save the chatlogs somewhere?

In user interface go to Other->Options, new window will appear, click Logs tab in there, and check what you want
File is ...\LFSLazy\LFSLazy.log.txt
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Oh look, app is finally public! Definitely not implying that I've been "beta testing" it for a while

Gotta say that Daniel has outdone himself this time. This app makes LFS a lot more enjoyable. Its like S2.5. In my opinion the best feature is that Prediction thingy. Makes even big noobs like myself to go faster. :huepfenic
I am only looking...and that looks very good Daniel.
Reporting a bug:

Once the application is running for 1 - 2 hours , ( the messages on chat ) are still being displayed, however the GUI Interface / Mouse interface is not visible ( this happens if you change from server I believe )

SHIFT + I Doesn't help neither.

Is there any way you can add a command like !reload , to make the gui re-appear or re-connect without losing the chatlogs?

did you maybe press SHIFT+B ?

That's what happens when you press Shift when running LFS Strobe ( Uses B Key )

Sorry Danieeeeeel!
np, I have now added notification message when you block buttons

  • Windows XP compatibility - for some strange reason it didn't work on XP
  • Indicator sound work in custom and follow views
  • FIX: Adding script /insim did not work correctly
  • Updated version of stats file - program will automatically convert old one (new LFSLazy.stats, old LFSLazy.stats.bin) - you can check if it was properly done in UI->Other->Encounters and safely delete old file afterwards
  • Several other improvements and fixes
That LFS Entry screen- Servers and Buddies is only info or also can join server with that menu?
At the moment its only an info, but soon there will be some changes
moody? beta tester? = bad idea
Today i discovered bug, i think - I was in FZR and changed tyres @ pitstop from R4 to R3 and got OOS ENG error. Can you try it for test?
Most likely it is related to that V8 sound, disabled it now. Thx
Is this related to this? Today i opened LFS and it went to start screen(select driver name etc) and I lost my LFS settings. When trying to load my current profile says: Could not load file : Litro
New version
As version takes advantage of some new commands, it is only compatible with 0.6E15.

Changes :
Quote :
Message when buddie come online - optionally show Num Conns and track
Custom Hello Message - Other->Options->Buddies
Program can be run without internet connection
Possibility to use user defined key to bring Menu to front (like scroll down before)
Entry menu - working Join buttons!!! , new filters, clicking server name show additional data
Scrolling lists is now line by line, Page Up and Page Down keys work

Preview of new Entry menu
little bug
I was viewing someone's LFSW pbs or hotlaps or stats and when I closed the ''window'' before the ''page'' fully loaded, the loading bar remained there until i reopened the same or opened another ''window'' and closed the newly opened one.

EDIT1: I also read in PDF manual that indicator sounds only work in cockpit view... Well, for me it works in cockpit, chase and custom views.

Did nothin wrong. Just tried to do some laps and that error poped up. Used to run on 6E14 + correct version of LFSLazy, and now after I got that error I updated to 6E15 and latest version of Lazy you linked here and said to be working with E15 only, and I still get that error.

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