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I was always too lazy (ok bad pun) to get this but wanted a way to quickly check where I loose time so finally downloaded. Smile

Now I've got a suggestion for the gadgets related to sector/best times:

Would it be possible to either do a standalone gadget or change the "time diff" to add some more options regarding what time it compares it's delta to?

I would really like something similar in the way iRacing does this, you can quickly change the delta time to either use your all time or current session "best lap" "optimal lap" or "best sector".


Like this the data can stay useful even if you, for example, go from qualifying to full race fuel. Or you can quickly check in which sector you lose time not just regarding to your best lap but the best overall sector time.
Welcome abroad Thumbs up

I thought about what you said and I agree it would be very useful. Here's my own expanded input on that:
- why not let the 'PB/Session toggle' affect all of these gadgets?
- toggled gadgets should be highlighted with different shade/color under session regime

They all relate and contribute to understanding of where you gain and lose time.
(BTW, there is a long standing BUG with "SPEED COMP" gadget in the screenshoot. More on that in my next post)

I spent some time thinking about 'under-the-hood' implementation of it but before that I think it's best to agree on criteria what is a "session". Would it be determined by qual/race restart, spec/pit, disconnecting, or maybe custom duration (set by user, eg. 24 hours)? It could have it's own command to reset it beforehand manually as well. "/o del sess" for example.
Each of the session info would have to be stored somewhere for the duration of the session. For example, the current PB gadgets info is stored (permanently) in ...\LFSLazy\SplitPredict (and maybe in ...\LFSLazy). So it becomes clear you can't have 6 types of sessions unless you find it acceptable to have 6 more subfolders and many more files. Lets just pick the best one? To me disconnecting criteria makes the most sense; custom (with reset option) after that.

If whichever gets done, the only thing I wouldn't like is another ...\SplitPredict file clutter. So I'd thought about making a hard limit to number of sessions stored. Following session would then overwrite the 1st one. And call the new subfolder ...\SessionPredict or something.

Since I'm not a programmer maybe there is a way to do it by including every type of session with unlimited storing potential, BUUUT without the file clutter. In that case go for it Smile
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Couple of suggestions and one BUG
Reporting a "SPEED COMP" gadget BUG mentioned in my previous post. And a couple of suggestions which tie-in to fixing the bug. Relates to updating relevant gadget values when making a new PB.

The BUG:
After the release of updated Blackwood, deleting existing LFSW (and Lazy) PBs, then making new ones some of the gadgets did not update properly. I'll explain using same screenshoot:

For preparation I've deleted both LFSW and Lazy PBs (/o del tb) on BL1-XFG.
- 1st row 1,2,3 DID NOT update after making NEW PB (they were tied to previous 1:32 PB)
- 1st row 2,3 UPDATED AFTER I deleted "XFG_BL1_0_0.spd" AND made new PB
- 1st row 1 remains tied to old 1:32 PB and I don't know how to update it
- 2nd row - sorry I forgot how it was before BUT everything works in this row now

If you take the split speed from the small screenshoot + add 3.05 "SPEED COMP" difference... what you get is currently registered speed from old Blackwood PB (1st row larger screenshoot, taken shortly after the small one). This speed did not get reset after all I mentioned so far. It could affect all the other split speeds on other combos but I can't verify atm.

The Suggestions:
- /o pb - display Personal Best laptime with splits
(put higher up, right bellow the /o user; fix description)
- rename "tb" to "tpb": /o tpb - display Theoretical PB data (PB/sector/split/speed)
(fix description?)
- rename "tb" to "tpb": /o del tpb - delete ALL Theoretical PB data (PB/sector/split/speed)
(deletes the corresponding .spd file, in addition to Lazy PB; maybe you could color the command in red to signify danger)

These are my long-lasting suggestions I never got around to write before. Please put them in order I mentioned, lol. It's slowly killin me how they are now...Dead banana
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Today I decided to find out what is this Lazy and installed it. I say WOW, this is magnificent add-in for LFS, really super! Thanks for the developer! And this is for free? Donations? I want to give 3£ LFS voucher to the developer.
Quote from lucaf :Today I decided to find out what is this Lazy and installed it. I say WOW, this is magnificent add-in for LFS, really super! Thanks for the developer! And this is for free? Donations? I want to give 3£ LFS voucher to the developer.

Does your car radar work ?
I have a really weird situation with the UDP comms.. I have 2 sims in network connected to the same switch running against a LOCAL server, one is wireless, the other is cabled. On the wireless one, I have no problem, but on the other with cabled network, I get message "UDP packets arent't comming, check your firewall" on player list, and no radar.
The two PC's are clones, so everything is identical, and firewall is turned off. I have run Portqry, and get Listening on port 30000 when I ping it.

Where does Lazy collect this UDP packets? From the LFS server? How can the UDP packets reach the wirelessly connected computer and not the wired one, when the 2 are absolutely identical except for the network card?

Would really appreciate any input... I am stumped....

EDIT: I am getting the same "UDP Packets aren't comming..." in single player also... go figure....

EDIT2: Ok, Solved it. Fanaled was trying to use port 30000 as well. As soon as I quit Fanaled, everything worked...
Anybody using Lazy's Layout Editor? I try to save a selection of blocks - but the saved selection does not appear in the list. I tried with several different objects, very simple, for example two Armcos - no result.
i think you have to go other way around, create a block in the editor and then select the objects or something like that, i'm in work and can't remember it exactly, but i know i had similar issue before
Thanks for your thoughts. There is no way to first create blocks. The one and only button there is labeled "Save selection to block".
you're right, i was thinking about this

tried it now and as you, i'm getting nowhere, the blocks don't get saved
Humm.....? So the feature's gone broken :/ Watched the version history, and looks like the latest version update is not so old. Maybe Daniel could fix this one?
Hi Guys,

I have a problem with LFSlazy. It doesn't work :S. Always get this message: Cannot find LFS porcess. I have no idea why it's not working. It's started when new Blackwwod released. Before that it was run fine.

do you have the latest version? my lfslazy.exe fileversion is 95.0 and size is 3 605 504 bytes
Yes I have the latest version.

i am not sure if it makes a difference, but, are you using the latest LFS patch?
Could it be because of special characters in Jatekok sub-folder?
So when i'm trying to save multiple objects on server as admin, it showes me this error : IS_TTC - on guest UCID must be zero
I think it might help a lil bit in the fixing this
Quote from lucaf :Anybody using Lazy's Layout Editor? I try to save a selection of blocks - but the saved selection does not appear in the list. I tried with several different objects, very simple, for example two Armcos - no result.

While still desperately waiting solution to this, I noticed that every time I try to save a selection, a red message is displayed in chat:
IS_TTC - on guest UCID must be zero

Anyone gets what that means?

edit: ah, this happens only in multiplayer mode on my server. In offline the errormsg doesn't come. But still not able to get any blocks saved.
Thx Daniel, LFSLazy is a great addon.
Hey guys, anyobody know why LFS Lazy keeps crashing? I started my own host loaded up a track and typed in "/insim 29999" and then tried loading up LFS Lazy but it keeps crashing before i have any time to do anything. I am running it on Windows 7.
Umm, help? I was in hotlap mode and then my lfs just crashed. When i wanted to start it back this happened.
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^^ Usually i just delete statsv2 and restart
Yea, but the problem is I dont want to delete my stats Frown If i delete that file all of my lfs lazy pb's will be gone, its important for me to keep them because im a racer.
Yeah, that sucks. My folder only has a LFSLazy.stats file, no sign of statsv2, but maybe that's somewhere else. (I haven't played LFS for about 9 months though, which may mean I'm out of date Smile)

The .stats file is binary so might be rather tricky to rescue it with an editor I guess.

Maybe you have "previous versions" available if you right-click on the file, or a backup...
Cars are consuming far less fuel than usual, you see 3 liters of instant consumption when you go to 90 with constant.

I think fuel consumption should be more realistic Thumbs up

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